Medical Martial God chapter 19

Chapter 19: A storm at the banquet.

10:50 a.m. at the entrance of The Ocean Wave Hotel.

Ye Xuan looked at the beautiful woman perfect figure dressed in a blue qipao with her long hair flowing down her back and a cold smile on her face. He extended his hand and said, “Wanting, I didn’t think you would come so early! This dress is perfect for you, very pretty.”

Hearing Ye Xuan words, Lan Wanting beautiful face revealed a smile that would give people a refreshing spring breeze when they see it. “Ye Xuan, aren’t you early as well?”

“I can’t be compared to you.” Ye Xuan said with a smile and shook his head.

The two gave a feeling of two old friends meeting up.

“It’s getting late. Should we go in?”

With a smile, Lan Wanting extended her white jade hand and held Ye Xuan’s hand gracefully.

Her action surprised Ye Xuan. He didn’t expect Lan Wanting to be casual, but now her body was pressed intimately against his, especially his arm which was a few centimeters from her big mountain. The occasional rub and soft touch made it hard for him to stay calm.

However, Ye Xuan was experienced about this kind of situation and was calm and collected. He didn’t move his arm away from where it was and walked intimately with Lan Wanting to the Ocean Wave Hotel.

Entering the luxurious hotel hall, Ye Xuan and Lan Wanting were guided into a luxurious and elaborate banquet hall by a respectful waiter. 

Although the banquet hadn’t officially begun, there were already a lot of celebrities present.

Only Xing Hai most famous and elites business man were able to attend this special banquet. Ye Xuan wouldn’t have the qualification to attend this banquet if Lan Wanting didn’t invite him to come with her.

Ye Xuan and Lan Wanting each took a glass of wine and found a table in a corner where they chatted about mundane things happily.

But their pleasant discussion was interrupted by someone.

A handsome young man in a Gucci outfit walked up to Lan Wanting with a glass of wine in his hand and said with a smile, “Wanting, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. You’ve really made me miss you.”

His name was Qian Jianchen and was Qian Xingcheng elder brother. He returned from oversea studies two years ago and had the skills to become the CEO of the Qian Group. He was quite famous in Xing Hai and his position in the Qian family was only second to Qian family elder young master.

“Young master Qian, long time no see.”

Lan Wanting smiled and politely gestured toward Qian Jianchen with her glass and took a sip of the wine, her movement were elegant and graceful.

Qian Jianchen smiled as he gaze fell on Ye Xuan who was sitting next to Lan Wanting. His eyes flashed with a cold glance and asked with confusion.

“Wanting, this is?”

“He’s my good friend, Ye Xuan!”

Lan Wanting introduced him grandly.

 “Ye Xuan? That name is quite familiar.”

Qian Jianchen pretended to muddle over it before an expression of sudden realization appeared on his face and said, “Oh, I remember now! He wouldn’t be Ye Xuan, the one who became a vegetable patient after a car accident and was also expelled from the Ye family and lost everything?”

“But to be honest, I didn’t expect this trash to wake up. Wanting, as a friend, I will give you some advice. Don’t associate yourself with trash like him or it will lower your taste and reputation.”

Qian Jianchen deliberately said it with a loud voice so that everyone in the banquet couldn’t help but stop what they were doing and look at Ye Xuan’s direction.

Many people who knew Ye Xuan looked at him with contempt and started to talk amongst themselves.

“That is Ye Xuan, the trash that got kicked out from the Ye family. I didn’t know that he woke up from his vegetative state.”

“So what if he woke up? He’s still a trash in the end.”

“I don’t know what Lan Wanting is thinking about. Why is she so close to Ye Xuan? He’s not the Ye family young master anymore.”

“Qian Jianchen is very fond of Lan Wutang but seeing her walk with Ye Xuan… there’s going to be a show.”

“Looks like I didn’t come to this banquet in vain.”

A very sexy and beautiful woman and an extremely handsome young man were sitting in a faraway corner chatting happily. But when the surrounding noise stopped, they turned their gaze in direction of Ye Xuan.

When the beautiful woman saw Ye Xuan, her expression changed and said, “How could Ye Xuan be here?”

“Leng Qing, you know him?”

The young man couldn’t help but say when he heard Leng Qingcheng’s words and saw how she reacted. It was the first time he saw her react like that.


Leng Qingcheng softly nodded and didn’t say anything else but her heart was pounding.

The reasons why she didn’t bring Ye Xuan with her to the banquet was because she was afraid that he would be humiliated, but now he came to the banquet and humiliated himself.

Leng Qingcheng felt a headache coming on.

Why didn’t this guy just obediently stay at home instead of coming here and making a scene?

At this moment, Leng Qingcheng was feeling anxious and helpless.

She knew clearly what kind of humiliation Ye Xuan will face here.

Hearing the comment of the people around him, Qian Jianchen looked at Ye Xuan with even more contempt and pointed his finger at before saying, “Ye Xuan, you’re nothing but a hobo who is not qualified to attend this banquet. Did you sneak in? Where are the security guards? Quickly take this flower boy out of here…”

Before Qian Jianchen could finish what he wanted to say, Lan Wanting angrily interrupted him.

“Qian Jianchen, don’t go too far. I was the one who invited Ye Xuan to accompany me to this banquet. Who dare to say he isn’t qualified?”

She looked around the hall and spoke with a loud voice, “You all better remember that Ye Xuan is my friend. That insulting Ye Xuan, is insulting me and risk becoming the enemy of my Azure Company!”

The entire banquet went into an uproar when they heard Lan Wanting determined words and saw her furious expression. No one would have imagined that she would say such a thing for someone who had been kicked out of his family like Ye Xuan.

One must know that Lan Wanting was the future heir of the Lan family, one of the four great family of Xing Hai. Even Qian Jianchen status couldn’t be compared to hers. So her words held a lot of weight in Xing Hai and few dare to disobey.

Insulting Ye Xuan means insulting her and become the Azure Company’s enemy.

No one would have thought that the gentle looking Lan Wanting would show such a domineering side. Even if it was for Ye Xuan.

The fact that Lan Wanting was able to such words when he was at the lowest point of his life and when the world looked down at him, moved Ye Xuan greatly and reminded him of his brothers and friends he had.

Lan Wanting was like those guys and would defend him at all cost!

The corner of Ye Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly as a smile appeared on his face. A warm feeling flowed through his heart and made him feel very nostalgic.

“Wanting, It is worth it for you to go to such length for a trash like him?”

Qian Jianchen clenched his fist so hard that bone cracking was heard. He held back his anger and asked, “Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you would bring to your Azure Company because of your words today?”

“I don’t need you to meddle in my affairs.”

Lan Wanting replied coldly.

The anger in Qian Jianchen heart reached had reaching the limit but he couldn’t take it out on Lan Wanting, so instead he shouted at Ye Xuan.

“You…You…Do you trash only know how to hide behind a woman’s skirt?”

Seeing the Qian Jianchen enraged look, Ye Xuan raise his glass of wine and took a sip of it before he calmly spoke. 

“Why are you angry? Are you envious or jealous? I guess you’re both envious and jealous. If you are so angry then you can also find a beautiful woman like Wanting and hide behind her.”

“You piece of shit, why are you acting so confident when you rely on a woman?” Qian Jianchen said furiously.

“What’s wrong with relying on a woman? You still need someone to let you rely on them, but do you can do it? Let me tell you, relying on a woman is also a skill. First of all you need be handsome, attractive and bold like me but you look retarded. So even if I rely on a woman, you still can’t do nothing but watch!”

Ye Xuan said and poked fun at Qian Jianchen. Ye Xuan relaxed and calm manner was a sharp contrast to Qian Jianchen furious and jealous atmosphere. 

“I know you’re jealous and angry, but… that’s just life! Qian Jianchen, don’t envy this bro, this bro is simply a legend.”


The people present couldn’t help but laugh when they heard Ye Xuan words and saw Qian Jianchen angry appearance.

It was a pleasure for them to see Qian Jianchen’s face crumble. After all, it was the first time they saw it.

Who would have thought that the famous Qian Jianchen would suffer humiliation at Ye Xuan’s hands.

And Ye Xuan also called him retarted in front of so many people.

This Ye Xuan was just too fierce!

“You… You…”

Qian Jianchen was so angry that he couldn’t speak anymore and almost spurted a mouthful of blood.

“Me what? He is a CEO of a shitty group that can’t even speak properly. Oh, I forgot, you’re a turtle and there’s no water here. Wait… but it’s not true, even without water a turtle can still speak. It seems that you’re not a turtle but rather a cunt!” (TLN: the turtle words in chinese resemble the words of a chinese insult, which kinda meant cunt or more insulting way to say bastard.)

Ye Xuan said in a slow and apologetic tone.


His words once again made the whole audience laugh. Qian Jianchen usually liked to flaunt his status as a oversea student returnee but now he was being mocked by Ye Xuan, which was something fun to see for them.

“You fucking bastard…”

At this moment, Qian Jianchen was no longer able to maintain his composure and calm. His eyes flashed as he brandished his fist to strike at Ye Xuan with all his strength behind it.

“Oh my god, Qian Jianchen finally moved. This time Ye Xuan is done for!”

“You guys need to know that Qian Jianchen learned boxing and fencing when he was overseas. He is quite strong at fighting! I think that Ye Xuan kid will lose some teeth!”

“This is really a good show.”

“That brat Ye Xuan is doomed.”

The crowd started to make a ruckus again when they saw that. It could be said that they were really excited.

“Go Die!”

Qian Jianchen roared as he arrived in an instant in front of Ye Xuan and his fist was going faster and closer to him.

However, Ye Xuan was still calm and collected as he said in a righteous manner, “Fighting at a banquet is just a disgrace. And you’re still a turtle!”

“Didn’t you mom and dad teach you how to be polite?”

-Clang, Clang.-

At the same time Ye Xuan was speaking, his right foot shot out like lightning and tripped Qian Jianchen, making him lose his balance.

Qian Jianchen’s tripped and flew toward a table beside Ye Xuan, shattering the table during the impact and fell onto the ground like a dog eating shit.

The crowd had their eyes and mouths wide open with a disbelieving face when they saw what happened.

They thought that Ye Xuan would be beaten up by Qian Jianchen but they never thought that Ye Xuan would trip him and made him fall beautifully like a dog eating shit while Ye Xuan was still sitting there leisurely enjoying his wine.

At this moment, there seemed to have an illusion where Ye Xuan was the real aristocrat while Qian Jianchen was a sad clown.

Even Leng Qingcheng, who was at the other side of the hall, was dumbstruck. As for Lan Wanting, she looked at Ye Xuan with a gaze filled with admiration.

Qian Jianchen was extremely furious that he fell like a dog eating shit in front of so many people. He wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth and stared at Ye Xuan hatefully before shouting angrily.

“Ye Xuan, you fucking piece of shit! Today, this young master must kill you!”

“Men! Drag this trash out of here, then chops him up and feed it to the dogs!”

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