Omni Genius chapter 119

Chapter 119: You will spit back ten times the amount you ate.

Li Dong’s men naturally knew how to deal with the bearded one. Qin Feng didn’t need to worry about it. Whatever happens didn’t have anything to do with it. Qin Feng just sat there drinking tea like this wasn’t his restaurant.

“Right, there’s also you…”

Li Dong’s gaze turned toward the little punk.

“Bro-Brother Dong.”

The little punk responded with an ugly face that seemed about to cry.

“Wrong! I’m not Brother Dong, I’m… dogshit.”

Li Dong stood in front of the little punk with a big smile and said with a very soft voice. He heard what the punk said earlier. The punk felt like he saw the death reaper and was so scared that he… peed on himself.

Earlier, he didn’t realize which Brother Dong it was. For this little punk, Brother Dong was a legendary existence. He had heard many things about him but had never seen Brother Dong.

Moreover, Qin Feng made him lose face so he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

It was only until Brother Dong showed up with his men and made Brother Beard tremble in fear that he realized who he called ‘dogshit’. Thinking about Brother Dong’s legend, the punk couldn’t help but pee on himself due to fear.


Li Dong felt embarrassed when he saw the punk lost control of his bladder. He thought the guy who dared to call him ‘dogshit’ would be a thought guy but he was loser that got so scared he peed on himself.

“Drag him away!”

Li Dong waved his hand and told someone to drag the punk away from Qin Feng’s restaurant as the smell got bad.

“Brother Dong, what about them?”

Four Eyes pointed toward the other gangsters who were also very pale. Their legs trembled in fear and they would probably also pee in their pants.

“Drag all of them away, just look at that…”

He didn’t care about small matter like this and let his men dealt with it. The moment he came here, the result was already decided. In his own turf, who would dare to not give him face?

This was completely boring.

“You can let him go.”

Qin Feng spoke up when Li Dong’s men dragged Strong Rat away.

Li Dong was surprised and gave Strong Rat a glance but he wasn’t anything special. But since he came to help Qin Feng, he had to give him some face. “You can let this one go, take the other away.”

“Thank you, thank you boss, thank you Brother Dong.”

Strong Rat felt ecstatic as he knew he was saved by Qin Feng. He immediately ran up to them and thanked them profusely.

“Just leave.”

Qin Feng didn’t want to bother with him and waved his hand to send him away.

It wasn’t that Qin Feng was kind, it was because he still remembered he goodness. If Strong Rat didn’t sell his family special sauce to him, his restaurant wouldn’t be as successful as it was right now.

If it wasn’t the case, Qin Feng wouldn’t have the time to gamble for jade and earn himself more than a million dollar.


Thinking about it, Qin Feng thought that this fellow wasn’t so bad. At least he didn’t help the bearded one during the scuffle and even was a bit on his side. “Brother, can I ask you a favor?”

“Young master Qin, you’re too polite. You can tell me, as long I can do it, I will definitely do my best to satisfy you.”

One had to say Li Dong’s eyes were quite good because as soon he saw Qin Feng’s expression, his entire demeanor changed and answered confidently.

Qin Feng didn’t pay attention to this change and said as he looked at Strong Rat, “This brat and I could be said to be old friend. He’s not very reliable but he is smart. If it’s convenient for you, I would like to ask if you can take care of him…”

“Ok, no problem. Brat, follow after me.”

Li Dong readily agreed without wasting time.

“Thank you Brother Dong, thank you young master Qin.”

Strong Rat already felt happy when he got released, but suddenly a pie fell from the sky and Qin Feng got him a job.

This brat wasn’t stupid. Who was Brother Dong?

He was this university campus and its surrounding big boss. Which gangster here would dare to not give Brother Dong face? As long it was in here, even that Brother Beard couldn’t be compared to Strong Rat, much less someone as reputable as Brother Dong.

When Strong Rat suddenly get such a great occasion, there was no reason for him to not climb up the steps. At this moment Qin Feng was no longer the young man who worked at the stall but a golden Buddha. Strong Rat wondered if he should raise a status of Qin Feng in his home and pray to him every day.

Fortunately, Qin Feng couldn’t hear his thought. If he heard him, he would have immediately ask Li Dong to cut him to eight pieces.

Everything came to an end. Brother Beard and his men were all dragged away by Li Dong’s men. As for what to happen to them, it wasn’t something Qin Feng needed to know.

Qin Feng knew that as long Li Dong and Tiger Bro remained in power, nobody would dare to come to the Fragrant Feixue to cause trouble unless they were tired of living and wanted to step of Tiger Bro’s tail.

“Qin Feng, the money… you can rest assured. I’ll make those guys pay back double….no, I’ll make them pay back ten times as much. I’ll give up my name if it is even one cent short!”

When the matter was over, Li Dong wanted to take his men and leave but Four Eyes came back with the twenty thousand Brother Beard pocketed. Li Dong returned the money and declared with sincerity.


Qin Feng didn’t care about it, he took the money and handed it back to Uncle Fang.

Li Dong’s left just as quickly they came. They moved like they had received military training. It didn’t take long for them to sort everything out and leave.

The crowd was confused and shocked by the sudden reversal of the situation. None of them seemed to recover from it.

In their eyes, Qin Feng was just a useless pushover but he came back in the saddle. Brother Beard and his men, who were acting arrogant just a moment ago, were now being dragged away like dead dog. Even one of them got so scared he peed on himself.

“I didn’t expect that, really unexpected….”

“I didn’t think that the little boss Qin would such a big backing and have such a good relation to Brother Dong.”

“It’s even better than good. Brother Dong looked like he wanted to lick his feet.”

“You dare to say this thing, do you want to die? Somebody will probably find you being dumped into a septic tank…”

The people generally had a strong interest in gossip. Especially when they saw Qin Feng counter attack against the gangsters. Their imaginations were going wild.

The story became more exaggerated and multiple versions would appear as the story becomes a rumor. Before long, the facts would be distorted.

In short, many people were speculating the relation between Qin Feng and Li Dong.  Some said they were siblings, other said that Qin Feng was an illegitimate child from an underworld big boss and so on.

“Qin Feng, what happened? Who are these people?”

When everybody was leaving, Qin Feng suddenly heard Tang Feifei’s voice. She had a shocked look on her face as she didn’t know what happened.

“Feifei, you’re here. Eh, just a few gangsters that came to make trouble, but it was taken care off.”

Qin Feng said nonchalantly and didn’t say the whole true as he knew Tang Feifei was upright in character and not suited to meddle in this kind of thing.

“Qin Feng, don’t lie to me. How can you hang out with gangster like them? Even acting like brothers… you even lied to me. I’m really disappointed in you.”

But Tang Feifei seemed to have seen quite a bit as she angrily retorted. Her beautiful face started to tear up before she turned around and left.

“Don’t-…. Feifei, hear me out!”

Qin Feng hurriedly grabbed Tang Feifei’s hand and pulled her. With ten points in Strength, he easily pulled her back toward him and made her crash on his chest. This action enable Qin Feng to two lump of soft fleshes rubbing on his chest.

Tan Feifei tried to get out but Qin acted like a rascal and held her tightly against him.

Uncle Fang immediately drove the waiters who came to sneak a peek back before he disappeared and left the two alone.

Qin Feng didn’t want Tang Feifei to misunderstand him but she could be stubborn sometime, it would be very hard to calm her down when she was this angry if he didn’t use this method.

It was very clear, Qin Feng’s method was very successful.

Tang Feifei only struggle for a little bit before giving up as she knew wouldn’t able to break away. She just stayed still in his arms and listened his explanation while laying her head on Qin Feng’s chest. Listening to his loud heartbeat made her feel very safe.

“Feifei, it wasn’t what you think….. I’ll tell you the truth, it was like that….”

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