Medical Martial God chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Snake Attack!

By the time Ye Xuan returned to the apartment it was already late into the evening. Su Xiaomeng was lying on the sofa while playing games boringly. When she saw Ye Xuan come back, she asked without looking at him.

“Did you find a job?”

“Found it!”

Ye Xuan walked toward the sofa and sat on it before he stretched lazily.

“What job?” Su Xiaomeng put down her game console and turned around to look at Ye Xuan with a surprised face.

“Security guard.” Ye Xuan faintly replied.

“What? Security guard? The job you found was working as a security guard!?” 

Su Xiaomeng was so disappointed that this guy went to be a security guard. He really had no future prospect.

“It’s already good to be able to find a job these days. So what if I’m a security guard?” Ye Xuan said confidently as he stretched himself again.

“Good for nothing! My sister marrying you was the biggest mistake of eight lifetimes.” Su Xiaomeng said angrily and humphed wryly.

 “Che…. Who do you think is the one cursed? Only an idiot will give up an entire forest for a single tree.” Ye Xuan muttered quietly unhappily.

The idiot he was talking about was obviously the previous owner of this body.

“What did you say? Ye Xuan, are you still a man? Do you have any sense of responsibility? Do you have any shames at all?”

Su Xiaomeng was so angry to the point she might explode. She lost any good impression of Ye Xuan when that piece of shit dared to say such a thing.

“What does being man or not have anything to do with responsibility?”

Ye Xuan asked in confusion as he looked at her pretty figure.

“A man has to hold up the sky and take responsibility for his family. Do you know how bad it was for my sister when she married you? Do you know how many people in the capital looked down at her and belittled her behind her back? Even in Xing Hai she doesn’t dare to reveal her relationship with you, do you know why?” Su Xiaomeng asked and looked at Ye Xuan with resentment.

“Why?” Ye Xuan asked with a smile.

“Isn’t it because you have no future prospect? Everybody thinks that you are nothing but a useless trash. If you had future prospect, would they talk behind my sister back? Would she had to hide her relationship with you to the public?”

Su Xiaomeng looked furiously at Ye Xuan.

“You can rest assured that I will get back everything your sister lost.”

Ye Xuan assured her as he shook his head.

“Get it back? How will you get it all back? Forget it, I can’t be bothered to talk with you.”

Su Xiaomeng gave one last angry stare at Ye Xuan before she walked back to her bedroom.

Ye Xuan shrugged helplessly. He turned the TV on and watched it boringly.

Perhaps the TV show was boring, because Ye Xuan fell asleep soon after.

-Knock, Knock, Knock.-

“Hello, your delivery is here.”

It wasn’t until a knocking sound was heard that Ye Xuan woke up.

After rubbing his hazy and sleepy eyes, Ye Xuan tried to get up and open the door but Su Xiaomeng rushed out from her bedroom and received the delivery.

“Hold on…”

Ye Xuan quietly stopped Su Xiaomeng when she tried to go back to her room and looked grimly at the box she was holding.

“What’s the matter?” Su Xiaomeng frowned and said unhappily.

“What did you brought?” Ye Xuan asked quietly as he stared intently at the box she was holding.

“None of your business!” Su Xiaomeng replied impatiently as she took the box with her to her bedroom.

However, she was stopped by Ye Xuan.

“I asked you what did you brought!? The thing inside is dangerous!”

“Whatever I bought is none of your business!” Su Xiaomeng was filled with rage when she got stopped by Ye Xuan.

She was only buying some clothes online. Why Ye Xuan had to make such a fuss?”

“This box definitely has a time bomb in it, watch out for the explosion.” Ye Xuan warned her kindly.

“Tsk… Liar!”

Su Xiaomeng ignored what Ye Xuan said, instead she went straight back to her room and closed the door, leaving a helpless Ye Xuan.

“Since you don’t believe me, forget it. I’ll let this girl suffer a bit.”

Ye Xuan didn’t pay attention to her it anymore and went back to sit on the sofa while shaking his head. He wasn’t afraid that the bomb in the box would explode because there’s still time on it.

“There definitely a bomb in it he said. You think this is a movie, huh? Really… why did my sister have to marry him?”

Su Xiaomeng said angrily as she tried to open the box with a knife.

But in the next moment, when Su Xiaomeng saw the content of the express delivery box, her face suddenly changed into a deep fear and screamed loudly in horror.


She screamed because what were in the box weren’t the clothes she bought, but a severed head.

In the next instant, Su Xiaomeng instinctively rushed out of her bedroom and shouted Ye Xuan’s name.

“Ye Xuan!”

Ye Xuan was about to get but Su Xiaomeng directly flied into his arms and held his body tightly. Ye Xuan could feel something soft pressing against him.

This little girl sure had a strong survival instinct.

“Ye Xuan, I’m… I’m afraid…”

Su Xiaomeng said with a shaky voice. She hugged Ye Xuan so tightly that she didn’t notice her body was almost entirely glued to him and her plentiful chest was so tightly pressed against him that it deformed.

Women were, after all, fragile creature, especially Su Xiaomeng who seemed to have been spoiled as child.

Her reaction was quite normal in such a situation.

“Don’t worry, I’m here, it’ll be fine…”

Ye Xuan comforted her as he patted her back comfortingly. “Wait for me here. I’ll go take a look inside.”

“I… I’ll go with you!”

Su Xiaomeng held Ye Xuan’s hand and refused to let it go as she was still shocked by the discovery.

“Fine, as long you’re not afraid.”

Ye Xuan said casually and took Su Xiaomeng with him to her bedroom.

A unique fragrance drifted in the bedroom and gave Ye Xuan a sense of refreshment. He looked down at the delivery box and saw the horrible severed head in it, but he couldn’t help but smile when he saw it.

“Don’t worry, this head is fake and made of rubber.”

As he was talking, Ye Xuan took the rubber head out of the delivery box and skillfully cut it open with a knife to show the inside to her.

As Ye Xuan said, it had a time bomb inside and like in the movies it also had a countdown timer.

Ye Xuan easily dismantled the bomb under Su Xiaomeng dazed gaze.

This guy didn’t even have bomb disposal tools…

Her mind was filled with doubt. How did Ye Xuan know in advance there was a bomb inside the delivery box?

How did he know how to disarm a bomb?

His skillful and calm demeanor was deeply embedded in her and prompted her to believe he might be a bomb disposal technician. 

She didn’t know anything about bombs but she knew that Ye Xuan was definitely a master at it.

Eventually, she started to suspect that whether this bomb was deliberately placed by Ye Xuan to scar her!

But she quickly dismissed that thought. While she didn’t like Ye Xuan very much, she didn’t believe he was that kind of person.


Ye Xuan said with a smile and played with the dismantled bomb.

Su Xiaomeng returned to her sense when she saw Ye Xuan playing with the bomb. She swallowed hard and asked.

“Ye… Ye Xuan, how… how do you know how to dismantle a bomb? Should… should we call the police?”

“Why should we call the police? It’s just a small bomb.” Ye Xuan said nonchalantly as he shook his head gently.


Su Xiaomeng was about to say something but she was interrupted by Ye Xuan, “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it. What did the guy who gave you the box look like?”

After Ye Xuan asked her, Su Xiaomeng seemed to have thought of something when a look realization passed through her face.

“Now that you mention it, his clothe was weird, he didn’t even wear the courier uniform.”

“Okay, I’ll go out and see if I can find that bastard! You close the door behind me and don’t open the door to anybody unless you hear my voice.” Ye Xuan said seriously with a cold look.

As he finished speaking, Ye Xuan jumped out of the windows under Su Xiaomeng shocked gaze without waiting for her to answer.

“Ah! Ye Xuan!”

When Su Xiaomeng saw this, she screamed and rushed toward the window to look outside. It wasn’t the shocking and bloody scene she imagined she would see but rather saw Ye Xuan throw a knife onto a big tree.

A peculiar nanowire extended from the handle of the knife and Ye Xuan used it to swing in the air and land safely on the ground.


With a sharp sound, the blade flew back in to Ye Xuan’s sleeve.

Ye Xuan disappeared from Su Xiaomeng’s line of sight in a few flashes.

“That… that guy is so strong to fly away just like that.”

Su Xiaomeng muttered as she saw Ye Xuan disappearing from her sight.

At the entrance of the residential district, a surprised man in black clothes looked coldly at Ye Xuan and said wrily.

“Interesting, I didn’t expect you to know how to disable a bomb.”

He looked about thirty, his face showed a calm fury and his hands were full of calluses that only appear if he swung a sword through many years. His body emitted a powerful strength that even made Ye Xuan feel pressured.

This bastard was definitely a bad guy.

If there was a gangster here, they would have recognized this guy. His name was Anaconda and was Wolf Devil’s brother as well as the country’s most famous assassin.

He thought he could take care of this brat with the bomb he delivered but didn’t think that he would know how to dismantle the bomb and do it so quickly.

“You’re the one who just delivered the bomb?”

Ye Xuan squinted his eyes and asked nonchalantly. 

“What? You got a problem with that?” The man replied wryly.

The man arrogantly continued without waiting for Ye Xuan’s to reply, “You killed my little brother, Wolf Devil, and now I give you two choices. Either you kill yourself and I’ll leave your corpse intact, or you resist and I’ll give you a thousand cuts and make you wish you were dead!”

“It seems that you are Wolf Devil’s brother, Anaconda.”

Ye Xuan snorted as his eyes narrowed.

He had secretly investigated Wolf Devil and learned that he had a brother named Anaconda/Raging Python, but he didn’t think that he would come to look for him so soon.

Fortunately, Ye Xuan had long been prepared for him and bought all the necessary weapons and equipment. He didn’t fear this Anaconda/Raging Python one bit.”

It saved a lot of trouble for Ye Xuan that this guy came to his doorstep. Since the situation before was desperate, he killed Wolf Devil before he ask him anything. But now that Anaconda was here, he could get the information he needed from him.

“Haha… Since you know my name, then you should know what to do, right?”

Anaconda said smugly as he was the fate judge and threw a dagger at Ye Xuan.

“I heard this kind of speech a million times, but the people who said that to me are all dead.”

Ye Xuan glanced at Anaconda as he kicked away the dagger and sent it back flying toward him.

Ye Xuan also turned around and dashed away.

“Want to run?”

Seeing this, Anaconda grabbed the incoming dagger and chased after Ye Xuan at a very fast pace.

“Brat, you can’t escape! Nobody has ever escaped from my, Anaconda, hands!”

In his eyes, Ye Xuan was nothing but a lamb about to be slaughtered. He completely didn’t take him seriously as he took pleasure in chasing after him.

Ten minutes later, Ye Xuan and Anaconda arrived near a river.

Looking at the flowing river, Anaconda’s eyes flashed with killing intent and said coldly, “Brat, you’ve chosen a nice place to rest for eternity!”

“You’re wrong, let me correct you. I chose this place for your departure.”

Ye Xuan replied casually.

“You sharp-tongued brat, if you insist on seeking death, then I’m going to give it to you! Go to hell, Killing Tiger!”

Anaconda shouted loudly as his eyes and body was oozing out killing intent. Two sharp daggers appeared in his hands and like a tiger leaping out of his cage, he fiercely charged toward Ye Xuan and slashed toward his face. His daggers were reflecting the moonlight as it made its way toward him. 

Killing intent spreaded everywhere as the cold air was felt deeply.

His terrifying speed left after image behind him.

This Anaconda strength was unparalleled. 

The cold blades reflected the image of Ye Xuan’s ruthless face.

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