Omni Genius chapter 117

Chapter 117: Touching the tiger’s tail.

“Xiao Qin, come to the restaurant. There are people in the restaurant that want us to pay protection fee.”

 Qin Feng just finished taking care everything at the bank and was about to head back to the university when Uncle Fang called.

When he saw it was Uncle Fang’s numbers, Qin Feng felt surprised. He wondered if anything happened and didn’t think that it was about the thing they discussed that morning. It had only been a few hours and they already came knocking on the door.

“Uncle Fang, humor them first, I’m going back right now.”

Qin Feng immediately replied to Uncle Fang before going back to the shop. Fortunately, the bank wasn’t very far from the shop and he only needed to make a couple turns.

During his walk, he pulled out his phone to call Brother Dong.

“Hello, Brother Dong, I’m Qin Feng, Xiao Qin, yes, yes ,yes , there’s something I want to trouble you with…”

Qin Feng called Li Dong and soon he knew who he was, his tone became more relaxed and polite.

Qin Feng simply explained to Li Dong about the matter of some gangsters coming to his restaurant to ask for protection fee, Qin Feng said it calmly with no fluctuation in his voice.

“Xiao Qin, let me take care of this matter, I will definitely give a satisfactory answer to you.”

Li Dong thought it was some important matter at first but didn’t expect it was such a small thing. He immediately sent people to Qin Feng’s restaurant to see who it was.

Li Dong knew that Qin Fang was a person valued by Tiger Bro and his relation with young master Ning was good too. Behind Tiger Bro was young master Tang, so he was naturally afraid to offend Qin Feng. Even though he was good for a gangster, he couldn’t against the like of Tang Cheng or Ning Weiqiang.

That was why he valued Qin Feng and tried to curry favor with him but he never had the chance due to Qin Feng not looking for him and his own status not permitting him to look for Qin Feng.

Since Qin Feng came looking for him, then he naturally needed to work hard. So he sent more man to investigate the matter.

But after investigation, Li Dong nearly peed in his pants.

“What the fuck!? Who’s the bastard that want to ruin me!?”

Almost as soon he knew who the restaurant’s shareholder was, Li Dong, who was drinking high-end wine imported from abroad and who was also groping through a miss’s clothes, wringed his hands on the young lady’s chest and then smashed the expensive wine along with the glass to the ground.

It wasn’t weird for him to react like that after seeing Qin Feng’s restaurant shareholder. No need to say more about Qin Feng since Li Dong wanted to curry favor with him. Xiao Nan came from another province and was well off but Le Dong didn’t put him in his eyes. Xiao Muxue was just an ordinary girl although her relation with Qin Feng was quite good.

None of that mattered because Li Dong didn’t care about them except the last shareholder, Tang Feifei.

Who was Tang Feifei?

She was young master Tang’s sister and Ning Hai’s Municipal Party Committee Secretary General’s daughter. She didn’t reveal her identity but Li Dong knew, but due to his status, he didn’t dare to curry favor with her.

But now, someone dared to ask for protection fee to young Miss Tang on his turf. Wasn’t that like pushing him in a fire pit?

If Tiger Bro or young master Tang got know about it, would he still be able to live?

“Four Eyes, hurry and find who dares to touch the tiger’s tail!”

Originally he just wanted to teach those guys a little lesson but there was young miss Tang Feifei in there, the matter couldn’t be resolved so simply.

“Yes, Brother Dong!”

Four Eyes was a clever man and was also a lieutenant in Li Dong’s gang. He immediately knew something was wrong when Li Dong suddenly flew into a rage. So he rushed quickly to prepare the men and cars.

Within a few minute, Li Dong took ten cars along with fifty to sixty men with him toward Fagrant Feixue at the Orchid Park.

Fagrant Feixue restaurant.

“Old man, our patience is limited. I’ll give you five more minute and if you still don’t give us the money, we’ll smash the restaurant. You old man better be careful or you might trip and break something.”

It was a gangster with a weird haircut that was yelling. The top were long and curled like a flower while the side was short. In the end the haircut looked like cow dung.

There were about a dozen of them sitting in the restaurant and they were led by flat-faced fellow with a beard and an oppressive look. The men around him didn’t look impressive but they were flashy.

All the customers in the restaurant already been scared off and left the money on the table, but before Uncle Fang retrieve the money, the gangsters already took it all. Wanting them to give it back was obviously wishful thinking.

Uncle Fang send the waiters at back to avoid starting a fight but that left him alone at the front.

“Calm down my guest, I’m just an employee, there’s rule in this restaurant. Everything more than two thousands needs the boss’s approval. I can’t do anything about that.”

Uncle Fang did business for many years and with Qin Feng approval, he was playing around with them, “You don’t have to worry, I have notified the boss and he will be here soon.”

“Old man, don’t play trick on us or you will have an ugly death!”

A small gangster yelled out when he saw Uncle Fang still refusing to pay but when he saw his frail body, he didn’t dare to make a move, if anything bad happened, the matter will blow up.

It was eventful inside but it wasn’t uneventful outside as there were plenty of people watching. There were customers that came to eat or the surrounding shop’s boss with their wives and friends and so on.

“This is going to be fun and somebody’s going to be very unlucky.”

“With a such good business, of course it will be targeted.”

“Hehe, it’ll be good if the gangster start trashing the place, we’ll see if he still going to fuck around or not.”

“Oh, this is bad. These people are like vampire, if you give them once, they’ll ask a second time and wouldn’t care if anything happened to you.”

There were people gloating on their misfortune or sympathizing with them but they were just talking and took this as show, they didn’t care what the outcome would be.

“Hey, their little boss is here…there’s going to be a good show.”

It wasn’t known whose eyes were so sharp to be able to spot Qin Feng before calling out loudly. Everybody then stepped aside for him to pass.

The people in the restaurant naturally saw this. The gangster all stood up and went near their leader, the bearded one.

Uncle Fang walked to the restaurant’s front door and felt nervous when he saw Qin Feng returning alone.

“Xiao Qin, they…”

“Don’t worry, Uncle Fang, I’m here now.” Qin Fang interrupted Uncle Fang and tried to reassure him.

“You’re this restaurant’s owner?”

The bearded one didn’t move but the weird-haired punk who had been yelling earlier came out and said, “It’s good that you came back. Give us this month protection fee or else… humph!”

With his words, the other gangster also gave him a menacing look as if to tell that if he didn’t pay, they would trash his shop.

Qin Feng just gave him a glance but he accidently saw an acquaintance amongst them although that acquaintance tried to avoid his gaze.

“Wait…isn’t this brother strong? I haven’t seen for a long time.”

Qin Feng waved his hand and completely ignored the punk and instead he rushed toward the acquaintance who was none other than Strong Rat who went to noodle stall to cause trouble. But he seemed to be doing worse now as Qin Feng saw his face bruised with one of his eyes turned into a panda eye.

“Bo-Boss…. This doesn’t have anything to do with me….I-I wanted to help you bu-but I got beat up…”

In fact, when Strong Rat came to collect the protection fee and came to ask again, he happened to see Qin Feng and got scared.

He didn’t plan on coming today but his boss, the bearded one, wanted make a big scene to scare the owner and dragged him along and if he didn’t listen, this current appearance was the result.

So planned to just get the money and leave but didn’t expect that Uncle Fang would refuse to pay. So he didn’t have the choice but to wait for Qin Feng to come back. He remembered he still owed money to Qin Fang and that Qin Fang still had the IOU in his hand.

“Oh, really?”

Qin Feng laughed but didn’t plan to speak more with him, so he turned around and spoke to the bearded one, “This Boss, I will definitely pay the protection fee. Uncle Fang, go get the three thousand for them.”

“Three thousand? Are you sending us peanuts? Five thousand…. Seven Thousand….no…. ten thousand dollars, at least ten thousand dollars or I’ll smash your shop!”

When they heard Qin Feng giving the money so easily, the people who wanted trouble to happen booed softly. The bearded felt unhappy about that, so he gave a sign to his lackey. The lackey seeing the sign, immediately raised the price.

“You guys have a big appetite to ask for ten thousand. Can you eat it? I’m afraid you won’t be able to…”

Qin Feng sneered when he heard the new number. These gangsters instantly raised the number when they thought he was easy to bully.

“I’m telling you, we’re going easy on you for just charging ten thousand, didn’t you see how many of our brothers are here? Do you want to be beaten?”

The punk still yelled out arrogantly and didn’t notice a convoy of cars stopping just outside of the restaurant.

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