Omni Genius chapter 116

Chapter 116: Protection fee.

Early in the morning.

Qin Feng got up early as usual and went out with Fang Dacheng to exercise. Fang Dacheng taught him his old boxing method and they practiced it for a while.

Qin Feng didn’t tell anyone what happened last night because he didn’t want people to worry about him but he found out that set of boxing was really useful to him.

Some of these boxing routine could really be used in a fight and it was very good. If he didn’t have it, Qin Feng wouldn’t be able to know down the three gangsters so easily.

“Yo, Fourth Brother, why are like a different person today? You even did more rounds than me.”

In addition, when they were sparing, Fang Dacheng immediately felt that Qin Feng changed. In the past or even yesterday morning, Fang Dacheng was still able to beat Qin Feng easily without much effort.

But today, they exchanged more than thirty blows. Fang Dacheng could only win when he grasped a flaw in Qin Feng’s form and knocked him down. The fight became much harder for him.

“Hehe, Sister Xiao Ning trained me a little. I learned a thing or two.”

Other didn’t know but Qin Feng obviously knew why he was stronger. After he leveled up, all his attributes doubled, whether it was strength or agility, etc. And the gap with Fang Dacheng changed to one level to two.

Fang Dacheng laughed at his response and didn’t ask more.

The first time he saw Ning Yumo, he felt that she was stronger than him even though he was proficient in martial art. So Qin Feng’s progress wasn’t a surprise to him.

“By the way, Fourth Brother, when you were sending Sister Xiao Ning home last night, Tang Feifei told us to tell you that you have a new students meeting in your class this afternoon so you can’t miss it.”

After the practice, Qin Feng was about to go to his noodle shop and prepare some fresh sauce but after a few steps, Fang Dacheng reminded him something.

“Oh, I got it.”

Qin Feng nodded. He ran into some of his classmate when he came home last night and got the news from them.

The military training was officially over and Qin Feng could now start a real University life but unfortunately none of his brothers in the dormitory were in the same class as him, only Xiao Nan shared a class with him.

But the surprise to Qin Feng was that Tang Feifei and Li Feng shared all six of his economic and management classes. He didn’t know if it was fate or the road is narrow for enemies.

The new students meeting was nothing more than for the new students to know each other before the classes start and select some temporary class representative. Qin Feng had always been the kind that didn’t care much about these things such as being part of representative party or so.

The Fagrant Feixue noodle restaurant received a big change. It was now three styles combined to form a bigger operation, albeit still a small one but with many more specialties.

There were plenty of dishes such as porridge, soup buns and various noodle dishes but whatever the customers ordered, they would always want the special sauce. A lot of customers said they only came here to eat because of that sauce and it didn’t matter what they ate, they dipped into the sauce.

That was why the most consumed thing daily wasn’t the ingredient but the delicious sauce. Even when Qin Feng made three to five day ahead of schedule, the sauce would be depleted after two days.

“Boss, you came.”

When Qin Feng arrived in the shop, both the manager and waiter politely greeted him.

They all know that although the restaurant was famous in the Orchid park, it actually opened for business for less than half a month and that the boss was a young man that wasn’t even twenty years old yet. They also knew that he invested hundreds of thousands in the restaurant, it wasn’t as much as some hotels restaurants, but for a small snack shop like theirs, it was already a lot.

Some waitress wanted and wished to attract the attention of Qin Feng so they could become the lady boss but stopped thinking about it when they saw the two legendary lady bosses, Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue.

The one in charge of the Flagrant Feixue was uncle Fang. It was the same uncle Fang that made the special soup buns for Qin Feng. His soup buns stall had already been given to his son and daughter in law. Qin Feng felt he owed him a little, so he hired him to become the restaurant manager and gave him a good salary every month.

As usual, whenever Qin Feng came into the restaurant, he didn’t check the account as he didn’t care about those things because he already hired a special person to do the accounting, so he would just come and collect the money.

If it was any person he would be afraid that they might steal from him but Xiao Nan… that guy could spent, from his own pocket, this store’s two months’ worth of income on a meal. So how could he care about this bit of money?

“Uncle Fang, what’s going on? Why are you acting so weird?”

Just as Qin Feng was about to go to the kitchen in the back to make the special sauce, he saw uncle Fang seemed to be holding back his words, so he asked.


“Uncle Fang, we’re old friends. Don’t call me boss, call me Xiao Feng like before. Just tell me what is wrong, if I can help, I will definitely will.”

Qin Feng immediately interrupted uncle Fang’s when he was about to call him boss. He felt that uncle Fang calling him that way pulled their relation apart. Now he was worth millions, even his voice seemed to have more presence.

“Hum… there was someone who came to ask for protection fee and demanded us to 5 000 dollars per month. I didn’t give them at first but they said they would smash the shop and scare away the customers, so I paid them 2 000. They said they were coming back for another 3 000 in two days.”

Uncle Fang hesitated to speak but knew he couldn’t keep it to himself, so told the truth to Qin Feng.

“Protection fee?”

Qin Feng’s good mood suddenly turned for the worse when he heard that.

In fact, he had heard of this kind of protection fee. Those are generally aimed at small shop and they must pay a certain amount of fee every month if the shops wanted to ensure that they didn’t come to mess the shop.

It was hard to tell what was going to happen if you didn’t pay. It was possible that they smash the shop or throw shit and paint at the shop, and the average storekeeper can’t fight them. They could only grit their teeth and pay the fee.

Qin Feng’s restaurant hadn’t been opened for long, so he they hadn’t been targeted, but now that his shop became bigger and the business was so good, they couldn’t let it go.

“Okay, Uncle Fang. The next time they come, call me, but if they get violent, give them the money first…”

Qin Feng also understood Uncle Fang’s difficulties. He managed the restaurant but wasn’t the owner. So if he casually used the restaurant’s money, he would hard for him to explain at the end of the month account check.

But if he didn’t pay the protection fee, who knew what they would do to the restaurant and at that time, he didn’t know how he would face Qin Fang.

So he decided to tell it to Qin Feng after hesitating over it before there was any major things happened.

“Alright, I got it.”

Uncle Fang agreed and felt relieved by Qin Feng’s words.

Qin Feng went on to make the sauce in the kitchen but he was still thinking about that matter in his mind.

“As Tiger Bro said, the University is Brother Dong’s territory, the protection fee… hehe, if he takes my money then, I will make him throw out twice as much!”

While he was drinking with Tiger Bro, thought they weren’t very close, he still learned that Tiger Bro as long since stopped collecting protection fee and instead ran entertainment industries such as bars, KTV nightclub and so on. Those earned him much more money than the protection fee.

Most people who did this were small gangsters who were at most a dozen in a gang and played tricks on merchant to force them to pay.

To Qin Feng, this matter wasn’t something difficult. He could probably take care of it with a phone call.

This was Li Dong’s territory, not matter how much they eat bear heard and leopard guts, the small gangster wouldn’t dare cross Li Dong. So Qin Feng wanted to see how much they wanted to eat from him before making them spit back twice more, and this wasn’t a bluff.

That was why Qin Feng wasn’t in a hurry and concentrated on making enough sauce to last several days. Then he informed Uncle Fang that he finished the sauce before leaving the restaurant and going to the bank.

“Mom, I sent you some money. You don’t have to go to work in the factory anymore, it’s too tiring. Yes, the money is legal. Do you remember when I told you about opening a restaurant with some classmates? We can make tens of thousands every month and we each make fifty thousand in dividend alone…. Mom, you don’t have to worry. Your son can make money by himself. You can spend the money instead of saving it for me…”

Qin Feng transferred fifty thousand dollars to his mom’s account and called her to tell the news.

It’s not that Qin Feng didn’t want to give all the money to his mother but it was just that the sum was too great. His mother would hate that Qin Feng was involved in gambling. So he couldn’t tell her that the money was from jade gambling. So he used the excuse of the restaurant and planned to put money in her bank account every month, which was much safer.

Although Qin Feng became rich overnight, he still remembered his mother who brought him up during harsh times.

In addition, Qin Feng also set up several other cards, all of which didn’t have owners and each of them had ten thousand in it. Qin Feng planned on giving them to his brothers from the dorm.

The money gifted couldn’t be too much or too little, or it could make his brothers resent him. So he thought about it last night and decided on this amount.

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