Omni Genius chapter 115

Chapter 115: Level up! Level 2 gift bag!

In fact Ning Yumo didn’t have to tell what happened to the gangster to Qin Feng as he didn’t pay attention to them anymore because he was at a very critical moment.

What moment?

Very simple, he leveled up.

[Caught a robber. Gain 20 experience points.]

[Caught a robber. Gain 20 experience points.]


[Caught a robber leader. Gain 40 experience points.]

After Qin Feng hung up the phone, he immediately received six screen texts and all of them were about gaining experience points.

If we added the experience points he just got to the experience points he already had it would exceed the 400 experience points needed for Qin Feng to level up.

“Experience points reached it full points. Level up condition is met. Leveling up…”

“User leveled up to level 2, all attribute +5…”

“System rewards: A skills book.”

“The itembox is automatically upgraded to 6 emplacements.”

The series of notification almost blew Qin Feng’s head off but he didn’t complain and was very happy. He would have like to hear such notification every day.

All of his attributes was increased by 5 again, which meant that Qin Feng’s current attributes were +10. It also meant that every time he leveled up, his attributes increased by five, a very good thing for Qin Feng.

Qin Feng had been slowly trying to figure out some things about the attributes stats.

Everyone’s body was a template and everyone was different. Some people had strong body but are slow and inflexible. Some people are very agile and fast but don’t have much strength. Others were born with amazing will power.

It was this difference that caused the advantages and disadvantages of each person.

However, Qin Feng’s template was different from anybody else.

His whole thing became different since he woke up. When he was at level 0, all the attributes were at 0, when he was at level 1, his attributes were at 5, and now he’s at level 2, his attribute were at 10.

Those numbers may not be as good as some people attributes but it was better developed than the other as it was balanced. It had no weakness and yet everything could become a strength.

Qin Feng continued to explore what he had received from the level up instead of testing how powerful he was now that the attributes were at 10.

“The item box has finally been upgraded.”

When Qin Feng heard this notification, he ignored the other notification in front of him as he really wanted it for a long time.

The use of the item box really excited Qin Feng, especially when he discovered that he could put things from the world outside.  So much that he was unable to sleep.

Sadly, the next moment he found out that the item box only had three slots. One was used to store his brick, another one was used to store buns to replenish his health in case anything happened. The other one was used when he cheated during the drinking competition and stored the alcohol.

Just like that the three slots were filled. Qin Feng thought that if he hadn’t been training for half a month in the military camp, he would have disposed the alcohol mix.

If it happened, he would not have the alcohol to poison Brother Niu, something that would have saddened Qin Feng.

If the item box didn’t have the limited slots, a lot of thing would become much easier. He would deal with Bootlicker much easier. He would have just needed to reach out and throw the baseball bat to the item box before taking it out. Then like that, Qin Feng wouldn’t have to risk using his arm to block it.

Fortunately, after Qin Feng had waited for a long time, the item box finally upgraded and went to six slots from the original three. The slots doubled and now Qin Feng could store more things.

When Qin Feng opened the item box, he found three more slots had been added. There was his brick, the buns, the mixed alcohol and a new item along with two empty slots. The new item was obviously the skill book given by the system.

“I wonder what kind of skill it is.”

Qin Feng felt a little bit excited, because when he went to level 1, the system gave him the appraisal skill, which is something that could only be given by the system and not something people could learn.

Qin Fang became deeply attached to that skill after such a long time of use due to it being very practical.

Not only it could get people’s information, it could give information about things like antique or stone. Qin Feng current million’s dollars was thanks to it.

By contrast, the skills that Qin Feng learned on his own seemed far less practical than the one gifted by the system. His cooking skill was useful but it wasn’t much of use for Qin Feng.

Thinking about it, Qin Feng desired even more the second skill that was given by the system.

“Body Strengthening.”

Those were the two words written on the skill book.

“Body Strengthening, physical fitness is the foundation for the people that practice martial arts. After learning this, they can improve their blood and Qi. There is also chance in the process of practicing this skill to learn the hardening skin skill.”

Qin Feng looked at some of the notes in the book and understood what it was about.

Qin Feng understood what the blood and Qi meant. It obviously meant his health points.

At the start, when he was level then, his heath points were at 10. Then when he level up, it raised to 15. Now with another level, it became 20.

That was to say, as long as Qin Fang did not completely lose all the 20 points of health, he could not die, and he could constantly supplement his health points by eating steamed buns.

But the problem was that his health points weren’t much. A knife stab on non-vital parts would take 6 points from him and he might even die if it was on a vital area, or it will cause a lot blood loss to Qin Feng and he would lose all his health points slowly before he died.

It could be said that Qin Feng’s life was more tenacious but also more fragile as there was no chance to save him.

It was precisely because of this, that Qin Feng was really cautious and thought a lot in face of dangers.

For example, on how he faced against Brother Niu’s and his men. If he was alone, it would have been completely different as he would have most likely accompanied Xiao Nan and the others back to school instead of traveling alone.

He was the kind of person that only do this when he had a great chance of winning. He took the three gangster by himself because he was 70-80% sure he would win.

Obviously he ended up winning.

He successfully defeated three robbers and caught them.

It was because the gangster today was only level one. If they were level 2 or 3, he would be dead for sure.

So Qin Feng must raise his health points. If his health points were in the hundreds of thousand, he doubted that a bullet could kill him.

Before he had no other option to increase it passively, but now with the Body Strengthening skill, it was completely different.

Without any hesitation, Qin immediately took out the skill book and chose to learn it, then he saw it disappear into his body as particule of light and then knowledge came into Qin Fang’s mind.

“Learn skill: [Body Strengthening].”

“[Body Strengthening], Skill level: Apprentice level. Proficiency: 0%. Health points +1. Every 10% experience in proficiency, Health points is increased by 1 point.”

When Qin Feng saw the detailed description of the skill, he immediately showed a dazzling smile. If his health points was increased by one every 10% experience in proficiency, it meant that at every level, he gain ten health points. It was absolutely worth more than two people’s life.

“[Hardened Skin], harden the skin and strengthen the body to increase the user’s defence.”

At the same time, below the [Body Strengthening] skill, there is a gray skill icon. Qin Feng looked at it and it was the [Hardened Skin] that the system mentioned before.

Obviously, this skill was also very good.

Original attack damage points – defense points = Damage received.

Qin Feng current defense points were almost zero. His clothes didn’t provide any defense against knife, gun and the like. Original attack damage points = Damage received.

However, if Qin Feng learned the [Hardened Skin] skill, his defense point would be improved and would receive less damage, which meant that it also reduced the health point’s loss.

It meant that every time Qin Feng got hurt, he would receive less damage and that his safety increased substantially.

Although Qin Feng wanted to acquire this skill, he must have an enlightenment to get it. The chance of him of getting was difficult to estimate. It could be 1% or 99%, nobody could tell.

Fortunately, it was a branch skill. Since Qin Feng had the [Body Strengthening] now, he can raise his health points and that solved many troubles. It wasn’t important if he learned this skill or not.

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