Omni Genius chapter 114

Chapter 114: Alcohol poisoning.

“Did you… take the three of them down?”

Ning Yumo was surprised to see the three gangsters lying on the ground. One was unconscious while the other two were wailing on the ground. There were obvious traces of beating on them.

Ning Yumo knew about the matter of Qin Feng and Fang Dachun in the university but it was still a recent affair and yet he became even better in that short amount of time. Even a genius wouldn’t progress so fast.

One against three, even she didn’t learn how to do it but Qin Feng just did. Those gangster lying on the ground were the best proof.

“Hehe, it was a piece of cake.”

Qin Feng wasn’t humble about beating the three gangsters at all. Him practicing his boxing skill for half a month wasn’t for naught as he didn’t need to eat buns to beat multiple people.

“It looks like you learned a thing or two from someone.”

Ning Yumo attributed his growth from him learning martial art under somebody, and she wasn’t far from the truth.

“Why does this guy look like he has been hit by a brick?”

Ning Yumo examined the unconscious man on ground and saw that he seemed to have received a hit on the head before passing out, so she asked curiously.


Qin Feng awkwardly laughed but thankfully, Ning Yumo didn’t investigate it further.

“Right, Sister Xiao Ning, did you call the police?”

“No yet, I was worried about you so I just rushed here to help you out.” Ning Yumo rolled her eyes and said. But actually she forgot she was a police officer.

Her earlier phrase sounded a bit ambiguous as Ning Yumo’s face turned slightly red and thought back when Qin Feng looked at her chest back at diner. Her heart felt a bit weird.

Thinking about it, Ning Yumo couldn’t help but glance at Qin Feng but he didn’t have any reaction. She contained her guilt and shame by taking a few big breaths before returning to normal.

They called the police before they gathered the gangster and tied them together. With that done they could relax for now but they still needed to wait for Ning Yumo’s colleagues to come before they could leave.

Since she knew the purpose of Brother Niu and his men, Ning Yumo had to make sure that they won’t have another chance to threaten Qin Feng and deal with them right now.

When Qin Feng saw the broken arm of Brother Niu, he laughed and said, “Sister Xiao Ning, don’t tell me you crippled his arm?”

Qin Feng already knew the answer but asked it anyways. He had heard of Ning Yumo’s heavy hand from his brother Ning Wei Qiang and also heard of her nickname in police, T-Rex. It was said that was no criminal arrested by her that wasn’t injuried.

It wasn’t that Ning Yumo was cruel, it was just that she wasn’t very careful about it. Her careless attitude sometime hurt the criminal or her colleague.

“You still laugh?”

Ning Yumo felt a little angry by Qin Feng suddenly question and twisted his arm viciously in retaliation, which caused a lot of pain to Qin Feng.

“What are you staring at? Keep staring if you want your other arm crippled.”

As Qin Feng and Ning Yumo were laughing and playing around, Brother Niu was staring at them hatefully and if staring could kill, Qin Feng and Ning Yumo would have already been stabbed a thousand times.

Ning Yumo was used to this as she was a policewoman but Qin Feng felt uncomfortable and angered by his arrogant stare even though they arrested him.

“Hmph brat, you’re lucky I’m tied or else…”

Altough Brother Niu’s arm was broken, his temper didn’t diminish at all. He was afraid of the brutal Ning Yumo but he was not afraid of the Qin Fang because did not see how the Qin Fang trashed his three men.

“Good, what a though guy…”

Hearing Brother Niu’s arrogant words, Qin Feng had a strange look on his face and turned toward Ning Yumo before asking, “Sister Xiao Ning, should we let them go so easily?”

“Qin Feng, forget about it. They are already in this state…”

Ning Yumo tried to persuade Qin Feng when she saw Brother Niu’s broken arm and found him already pitiful enough.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to break his other arm. I’m just going to make him suffer a bit and make him know the price of offending me. I won’t touch him much…”

Qin Feng said with a smile as he tried to convince Ning Yumo.

“This… whatever, just don’t go too far.”

Ning Yumo stepped aside for Qin Feng. She thought that if they were ordinary people and not people who knew how to fight, a tragedy would probably happened to them. They would not only lose the money but the woman probably would be raped. She just needed to remember the perverted look on their face when they just got out.

And the thing Ning Yumo hated the most was arrogance, so it was destined that she sided with Qin Feng on this matter.

“Hehe, did you guys heard that? Just wait here for a minute, I would make you guys feel really good in a moment…”

Hearing that Ning Yumo agreed, Qin Feng smiled at Brother Niu and revealed his white teeth. But to Brother Niu it looked like a demonic grin.

Qin Feng looked around before he headed straight toward Brother Niu’s car and searched the car. He found an intact beer bottle, while Ning Yumo wasn’t paying attention, he threw away the beer in the bottle and replaced it with the mixed alcohol in his [item box].

This mixed alcohol was taken when he had the drinking competition with the baldy and it had been kept for more than half a month inside with the various drinks already mixed together. The alcohol smell nearly disappeared but the drink was much stronger than before.

He tried a bit on the dogs during the military camp and they were instantly Ko’ed by it.

The mix hadn’t been tested on a human yet, and Qin Feng didn’t dare to drink it but today they had some excellent testing subject.

“A beer?”

Ning Yumo was surprised when she saw Qin Feng brought a bottle of beer over. She didn’t understand what Qin Feng was trying to do.

“Don’t worry, Sister Xiao Ning, I got this.”

Qin Feng didn’t tell the detail to Ning Yumo but she didn’t stop him.

“Brat, don’t think I drank much tonight. Another bottle wouldn’t change anything… Idiot.”

Brother Niu thought that Qin Feng would come up with some torture tool such as pepper spray or other things like that but he came with a beer bottle. He couldn’t help but smile derisively and call him an idiot.


Qin Feng slapped him on the face, “Cut the crap, if you can talk shit, then you drink this beer!”

The slap stunned Brother Niu as he had never been slapped like that before. However Qin Feng didn’t pay any attention to him as he forcefully opened his mouth and poured down the alcohol in his mouth.

As someone who drank often, Brother Niu knew immediately there were something wrong with the and beer and tried to struggle and not drink.

But Qin Feng didn’t let him do so as he forced a mouthful in his mouth and forcibly kept his mouth shut to force him to drink it.

With this method, Qin Feng succeeded in make the six people drink this mixture of alcohol.

All of them drank at least a mouthful.

When to police came, they saw the six thieves not only badly beaten but also drunks.

The police were all polite to Ning Yumo as she was on of theirs. They were had a good talk before the police took them all away. The matter was finally settled.

“Qin Feng, what kind of beer did you give them? I received a call from the hospital and they said that the six of them all got alcohol poisoning and all went into various degree of coma and needed a gastric lavage…”

Qin Feng received a call from Ning Yumo when he got back to the dorm.

Sure enough, the super-mixed liquor that Qin Fang had kept for many days had played a very important role to what happened to those six guys. Without exception they were all poisoned and needed stomach pumped.

“Sister Xiao Ning, it had nothing to do with me. I found the beer in their car. I guess it’s some high purity industry alcohol and brought it to harm people.”

Qin Feng obviously didn’t admit this was his doing and pushed all the blame on the six poor, unconscious and unlucky thieves.

Brother Niu would never forget this failed robbery in his lifetime. Not only he didn’t get the money, he even got his arm broken along with alcohol poisoning which led to a slight coma. His tragedy was enough to make people pity him.

“Oh, okay, don’t worry, it had nothing to do with you.”

Ning Yumo naturally didn’t believe Qin Feng but didn’t continue to ask. Although she was confused, she was also a smart girl as Qin Feng wouldn’t hide it without reasons.

However, Ning Yumo find this several years younger Qin Feng to be an enigma.

It was said that when a woman was curious about a man, that was the sign that she was about to fall in love, Ning Yumo was now in love, even though neither party felt that way.

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