Omni Genius chapter 113

Chapter 113: Invincible amongst level 1.

While Ning Yumo was fighting, Qin Feng was also busy as he faced three people with different weapons by himself. Not only he wasn’t losing, he was instead winning.

Qin Feng blocked the Bootlicker’s baseball bat attack with his hand and tightly grabbed it while at the same time his other hand swung toward Bootlicker’s head like lightning.


A dull noise resounded.


Suddenly a scream was heard, it was Brother Niu’s scream as his arm was being twisted by Ning Yumo, his voice louder than anybody else.

“Bootlicker, what’s going on?”

The place that they fought was in a remote corner of the neighborhood where there were very few people living and where the street was dimly lit because of trees covering parts of the lamplight.

This kind of environment was favorable to the gangster but it was also very favorable to Qin Feng, especially if he wanted to sneak attack them and give then a stunning blow.

When Bootlicker saw that Qin Feng was about to slap him, he tried to pull off his bat but couldn’t. So he planned to tank this strike and wait for his teammate behind him to help him.

This plan could be considered good as he was willing to take a hit to keep Qin Feng from escaping.

When he saw Qin Feng’s palm approaching, he thought that it was just a slap and that it shouldn’t hurt much, but suddenly he felt something hit the back of his head and passed out.

It wasn’t a punch.

Nor it was a slap.

This was bootlicker’s last thought before he lost consciousness.

“Retard, you think I’m stupid enough to hit the back of your head with my palm?”

Looking at the limp Bootlicker, Qin Feng used the appraisal skill on him and confirmed that he just fainted and didn’t have a serious injury. Then he threw the limp body away and scolded him before he took his bat.

Bootlicker shouldn’t be blamed for being stupid as nobody would have thought of it.

Qin Feng did indeed made a slapping motion but the moment he turned his head, a brick appeared on Qin Feng’s hand and he used it to struck Bootlicker’s head.

It was his well-known sneak brick, its attack power was still good and since it was so close this time, the other people didn’t notice it.

People said the head was the hardest part of the body but the head was easy to concuss, especially this case where Bootlicker lost consciousness on the spot.


Bootlicker’s collegue didn’t know was going on as they were about to join hands to take care of Qin Feng but they didn’t expect Bootlicker to fall down unconscious after one slap.

It was a scene that immediately provoked the two men’s cruelty, they looked at each other for a moment before they stared at Qin Feng viciously as they split up, one to the left, the other to the right and tried to surround him.

“Hehe, come here.”

One guy was gone and there was only two left. Qin Feng wasn’t worried at all.

“I’ll let you guys know what it means to be invincible amongst level one.”

Qin Feng waved the bat around in practice as he wasn’t used to it but he needed it to face the two who held an iron pipe and beer bottle because his body won’t be enough. Although he would not get much damage if he was hit, it was still going to hurt a lot if he was hit.


Once they got close enough and they swung their steel pipe at Qin Feng. Qin Feng firmly met the blows with his bat and blocked the strike.

The weapons clashed and made a “Dang” sound. They both felt their arms going numb and they started to feel pain from their arms muscle. The pain was hard to describe and they both subconsciously let go of their steel pipe.

“Brat, I’ll smash you to death!”

Qin Feng also dropped the bat and became empty handed.

But two men in front of him still have a beer bottle even after losing their steel pipe. What’s more, it was a broken beer bottle. Those can really hurt someone if it hits. Hence Qin Feng became more cautious of them.

“Come! Let’s see who’s going to get smashed.”

Instead of being scared, Qin Feng shouted back confidently at them. His feet constantly moved as his arms waved and moved around slowly, the numbness in them gradually fading.

At this moment, one of the men charged at Qin Feng and stabbed his broken beer bottle toward Qin Feng stomach.

Qin Feng moved at an incredible speed.

And almost didn’t have any reaction time.

Qin Feng sidestepped the bottle without having it touching his skin. the bottle only slight grazed his shirt.

Qin Feng also wasn’t someone who couldn’t seize an opportunity. When the gangster passed by Qin Feng shoulder, Qin Feng tripped him while pushing his back for him to fall and at the same time Qin Feng’s knee struck the area between his legs.


The gangster made shrieked in agony and looked like he lost his soul as the pain he felt from the most vulnerable part of men was too much for him to bear. He lost any resistance as his hand fell toward his crotch.

He couldn’t do anything but lie on the ground and hold the thing between his leg.

“You… you… don’t come near!”

The remaining gangster was shocked, he didn’t see clearly what happened to Bootlicker but he saw clearly what just happened, especially that knee strike that also made him feel painful even though he wasn’t the one who received it. So he instinctively clamped down his legs and feared he might be next.

“Tell me, do you want to surrender or be like him?”

Qin Feng asked him with a smile as he pointed at the fallen gangster.

“I…I…I surrender…”

Seeing his comrade in agony, the gangster wanted to run but when he saw the smile on Qin Feng’s face, his legs couldn’t move. So he had no choice but surrender.


Qin Feng said a good word when he heard him surrender. The gangster felt a bit relieved when he heard Qin Feng. But suddenly, he saw Qin Feng rushing toward him, his instinct told him to dodge but it was too late.

He didn’t know what technique Qin Feng used but he felt like he surrounded by Qin Feng’s fists and couldn’t escape. Then his face was violently hit Qin Feng’s elbow and felt his head ringing before falling to the ground.

“You… can’t be trusted…”

The gangster couldn’t help but let out some nonsense when he fell.

“Haven’t heard that in war nothing is too deceitful?”

Qin Feng disdainfully said. At this moment he was the least injured person and tried to stand up again after the blow but ended up falling to the ground again.

“Moreover, when you surrendered, I only said good and didn’t say that I accepted your surrender.”

Of course when Qin Feng asked him to surrender, he already had a plan in mind and wanted to distract him but who knew he would actually surrender. Still, it made it easier for him to knock him down.

In a one against three, Qin Feng beat down his three opponents to emerge victorious and acquire the title ‘invincible amongst level 1’.

Of course, it was only amongst level 1.

“Who told you to be fucking thief? And who told you to come and fucking rob me?”

Qin Feng squatted near the two people knocked down by him and scolded them.

Tonight’s matter greatly worried Qin Feng, but thankfully everything was resolved, he kept his money and nobody was hurt.

After a few minutes, the two shrieking banshee turned into pig heads and didn’t dare to do anything but lie on the ground and whine.

It could be said that they had been taught a lesson by Qin Feng. They all got beaten down but suffered no heavy injury but they were now deeply scared of Qin Feng.

The gangsters were much better at Ning Yumo’s side, except for Brother Niu but he was very clearly he surrendered. The two uninjured gangster had thought of escaping but didn’t dare to do it. They knew Brother Niu wrath.  If they really wanted to run away, Ning Yumo wouldn’t be able to stop them but Brother Niu would surely find a way to take revenge.

So they decided to surrender too as even if they saved Brother Niu, with his condition, they wouldn’t be able to run.

At this moment, Ning Yumo obviously didn’t have any handcuff on her. So she used the gangster’s belt to tie them up before rushing where Qin Feng was. She was worried that Qin Feng might be hurt.

When she arrived where he was, she discovered, at her surprise, that it wasn’t like thought.

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