Medical Martial God Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Working for a beauty.

The Imperial hotel, one of the most hotels in Xing Hai.

In the most prestigious room of the Imperial hotel, Ye Xuan was sitting in a leather chair while holding a glass of wine in his hand as he looked at Lan Wanting with interest.

“Mr. Ye, I’d like to offer you a toast. Thanks to your timely rescue, I am able to sit here and laugh with you.”

Lan Wanting said soothingly, like the spring after winter, with a charming smile as she slowly raised her glass of wine for a toast.

She was rescued by Ye Xuan and when she went to the hospital for a checkup, the doctor was surprised to find that her congenital heart disease had been contained and halted. This news greatly shocked the doctor and her.

Add this to the fact that she witnessed Ye Xuan’s domineering performance in the unemployment office. It made Lan Wanting admire Ye Xuan even more.

Her intuition also told her that Qian Duoduo’s and Ye Xiaoli’s suffering was Ye Xuan’s doing.

“Miss Lan, you’re too polite. It just happened to pass by.” Ye Xuan said casually as he clinked his glass against Lan Wanting’s.

“But it was Mr. Ye who happened to pass by and saved my life. I will forever remember this favor. If Mr. Ye ever needs any help, I, Wanting, will do anything possible to help you.”

“And… Mr. Ye doesn’t have to call Miss Lan, it’s fine if you just call me Wanting.”

Lan Wanting was a sweet beauty and had mature intellect with scent of books emitting from her but also did thing with boldness. She gave people a comfortable feeling and Ye Xuan acknowledged her in his mind.

‘Alright, then you don’t have to call Mr. Ye, but instead, you can call me Ye Xuan.” Ye Xuan said with a smile.

“Ye Xuan, what a good name! Ye from one autumn leaf and Xuan from noble spirit.”

Lan Wanting was very well educated. Because it was the first time that Ye Xuan heard someone praise his name.

Ye Xuan shook his head with a smile and said, “To be honest… my reputation in Xing Hai is pretty bad and nobody want to see me but I feel really honored that Wanting is willing to see me and still treat me nice like that.”

“Ye Xuan, you’re too courteous! A little help bring much return, not to mention that you saved my life? And I don’t think you are as bad as the rumors said… it’s like two different people! If you don’t mind, can we be friends?”

Lan Wanting’s face showed a beautiful smile as she stretched her smooth hand.

“It’s my honor!”

Ye Xuan nodded his head in respect as Lan Wanting pleased him greatly.

Lan Wanting gently clapped her hand and as if thought of something. Sister Lan knowing what she meant, respectfully gave a golden card to Ye Xuan.

“Ye Xuan, I hope you will accept this gift of mine as a thanks for saving me life.”

Ye Xuan, however, waved his hand in refusal. “Wanting, you’re taking me for a stranger, but now you and I are friends and a friend ask for nothing in return.” 

“Besides, I can’t cure your congenital heart disease for the time being, but I can still help you contained it for a while even though it’s nothing much.”

 “You…… you mean you can…. my congenital heart disease could be cured?”

Lan Wanting said excitedly as she felt a bit dumbfounded after hearing Ye Xuan’s words.

She had been frail and weak since she was a child because of her congenital heart disease and she had a much shorter lifespan than most people. There was even a fortune teller that told her that she wouldn’t get through her thirties.

How could she not be excited when she heard that Ye Xuan might have a way to cure her illness?

“Of course.”

Ye Xuan gently replied.

He was the Medical Sage of the medical world. He did not put a mere congenital heart disease in his eyes.

“What… what do you need me to do? How can I be cured?”

Lan Wanting became even more excited when she heard Ye Xuan’s confirmation.

“Your illness is congenital and in modern medicine, it is untreatable and incurable. I think that many doctors already told you that your illness was incurable and that you can only do a controlled adjuvant therapy while needing to take a lot of medication every day.”

“While long-term use of drugs can reduce the chance of your heart failing, there are huge side effects that can cause your blood to change and form a blood disease. If I’m not wrong, you had a minor cardiovascular lesion before?”

Ye Xuan explained as he looked up and down at Lan Wanting’s body.

Lan Wanting was stunned and nodded gently.

“Don’t eat those medicines anymore. Western medicine cure only the symptoms, not the disease. I will give a prescription of Chinese medicine to improve your body first. As for the final cure, I’ll have to go back and carefully think about it.”

Ye Xuan went to the side of the desk to pick up the paper and the pen to write a prescription for Lan Wanting. 

“One set of medicine two days and divided in three set, you need to boil them over a small fire for fifteen to twenty minutes for each of them before mixing them together once more and divided them again to six parts. You have to take it three times a day, morning, evening and night.”

“Thank you, Ye Xuan!”

Lan Wanting quickly thanked him as she took and looked at the dragon flying calligraphy on the prescription.

“What is there to thank between friends? Oh, I still have something to do, I’ll leave first. Many thanks for the hospitality.” (TLN: saying that there’s no need to say thanks between friends and then proceed to say thanks. xD)

Ye Xuan smiled as he waved his hand.

After Ye Xuan finished speaking, he stood up and stretched himself before he walked out of the room.

“Ye Xuan, I’ll drive you!”

Seeing that he was about to leave, Lan Wanting abruptly stood up and suggested but Ye Xuan stopped her.

“No need. Just wait until I have found the cure and look for you again.”

“Then at least leave me your phone number!” Lan Wanting yelled.

“We’ll meet again if we are fated.”

Ye Xuan didn’t look back and disappeared from Lan Wanting’s sight.

Sister Lan was filled with doubt and couldn’t help but sigh as she looked at Ye Xuan disappearing back.

“It’s still President Lan who has better eyes for people. I can’t see through this man.”

It was hard to guess that a man who had been driven out of his family and left without money or power would turn a blind eye to not only their Azure Company invitation but also the golden card in her hands. He was indeed a man who was difficult to see through.

“Actually… I can’t see through him either, but my gut feeling is telling me to not miss this opportunity.”

Lan Wanting said with a clear voice as a bitter smile appeared on her beautiful face after she heard sister Lan’s words.

“Then President Lan, do you really want to follow his advice to stop taking Western medicine and take the Chinese medicine that he prescribed?” 

Sister Lan asked after thinking about it.

“Help me contact Divine doctor Luo and let her help me see if there’s any problem with the prescription.”

Lan Wanting thought for a while before adding, “Also, use all the power in our disposition to investigate Ye Xuan … I want to know everything about him.”

“Yes ma’am!”

Sister Lan said respectfully.

Ye Xuan rushed toward the Wang Jiang Residence after leaving the Imperial Hotel.

“Hiring highly qualified bodyguard, required to be a man and it’s preferable to have experience in the military. If interested, call 133XXXXXXXXX…”

Ye Xuan saw this job advertisement on an electric pole on his way back. He hesitated for a moment before pulling out his phone and dialing the phone numbers on the poster. After all, he was afraid that little girl Su Xiaomeng would nag again if he came back empty handed.

“Hello, can I ask if you’re hiring people?” Ye Xuan asked when the phone connected.

“Yes, we are hiring. It’s for the position of hospital security with a monthly salary of eight thousand dollars. Are you interested?” The person across the phone answered.

“Hospital security with monthly salary of eight thousand dollars?” Ye Xuan frowned as he was extremely dissatisfied with the job.

“That’s right. It’s the position of the security personnel for the Xing Hai hospital with a monthly salary of eight thousand dollars and five years of insurance. You will be mainly responsible for the hospital safety and prevent people making trouble in the hospital, especially medical trouble…” The other party replied.

Security personnel at the Xing Hai hospital?

Then, Ye Xuan was interested. After all, Leng Qingcheng also worked at Xing Hai hospital and her security was compromised.

At that moment, Ye Xuan decided and said, “May I ask where I can take the interview?”

“At Xing Hai security room and there’s only one spot left, so if you want the job, come as soon as possible!”

“Okay, I’m on my way.”

Ye Xuan agreed before he went to stop a taxi and had it drove straight to the Xing Hai hospital.

In the Xing Hai’s hospital security room, Wu Dachun, the security director, sat in a chair with his legs crossed as several security guards stood behind straight as a pen, giving him an air of grace.

Wu Dachun’ face was full of dissatisfaction when he saw Ye Xuan’s thin frame.

“Was it you who just called?”

“Yes, it was me.” Ye Xuan said as he nodded.

“What’s your name?” Wu Dachun asked again.

“Ye Xuan, twenty two years old, I self-taught Sanda since I was a kid.” Ye Xuan replied vaguely.

“I think your thin body is going to fall if the wind blow over, and you still tell me that you learned Sanda!? Aren’t you bragging?” Wu Dachun disdainfully said.

The security guards standing behind him also looked at Ye Xuan with ridicule and thought he was bluffing!

After all, Ye Xuan indeed looked very thin.

“It’s true, director Wu. I’m a very strong fighter, I can take and beat ten special force soldiers by myself. If you don’t believe me then you call some of your guards to test me. I promise you I will take it easy on them.”

“Hey, young man, you’re still bragging? And now you can even beat ten special force soldiers by yourself?”

Ye Xuan’s words angered the security guards, Wu Dachun looked at him suspiciously and impatiently waved his hand.

“Alright, go back. With that weak and thin body of yours, you can’t do our jobs just because you brag about it. Go back, no need to waste your breath.”

“I’m aware, director Wu, but I wasn’t bragging. You’re very imposing but if I wanted to deal with you, I’ll only need a finger.”

Ye Xuan naturally didn’t want to give up on this job as he knew how hard it would be for him to find a job. So he took a radical approach for the interview.

“Oh, you got some spirit! Alright… today, this director will give you a chance to prove yourself. No need to use only one of your finger, you can use whatever you want, your hands or your feet, but as long you can take three hit from me, this job is yours.”

Wu Dachun stood up and cracked his fingers. It had been a long time since anybody acted so arrogant in front of him. So he decided to teach the young man a lesson.

“Director, you don’t need to deal with this kind of loudmouth yourself. We can do it in your place!” The guard behind Wu Dachun said in a flattering manner.

“Haha, you guys? You’re not enough. And there’s no need to be so complicated, as long Director Wu can take one of my finger, I’ll turn around and immediately leave.” Ye Xuan arrogantly said as he looked at Wu Dachun and the security guards behind him.

“Fuck, you got balls! Alright, I’ll take one of your fingers today! Come!”

Wu Dachun said angrily as he had been provoked by Ye Xuan’s radical methods.

“Alright, then you have to prepare yourself, director Wu.”

“Cut the crap and bring it on! Let me see how strong you are, braggart.”

Wu Dachun clenched both of his hand into fists and stood in a stand fighting stance, which was obviously practiced.

“Director, give this brat a lesson!”

The several security guards yelled out when they saw it.

They knew that Wu Dachun wasn’t an ordinary man but a retired soldier and was very good at combat.

“Director Wu, prepare yourself, I’m coming!”

Ye Xuan lightly nodded as his eyes flashed before he pointed his finger at him stuck it toward his chest.

 “Little tricks, watch this!”

Wu Dachun was full of contempt as he swung his fist toward Ye Xuan’s incoming finger.

The other security guards were excited by this punch, but they also looked at Ye Xuan pitifully as they were sure that the punch will break his finger.


In the next moment, the dull sound of collision rang out.

Under the disbelieving gaze of the security guards, director Wu flew away like a cannonball as his shoulder joint dislocated under the terrifying force that Ye Xuan’s finger showed when director Wu’s fist collided with his finger.

“Cough, cough…”

Traces of blood flowed down the corner of Director Wu’s mouth.

Ye Xuan still ended up hurting him even when he tried to restrain his power.

“Director Wu! Director Wu! Are you alright? Nothing wrong I hope!”

The security guards voiced their concern to Wu Dachun and went to check on him when they saw him being sent flying.

“My… My hand…”

Wu Dachun said painfully as he struggled to raise his head and look at Ye Xuan with shock.

He could feel his own shoulder was dislocated.

This guy really trained martial arts before, that finger move was really too fucking strong.

“It’s okay, I can help you recover!”

Ye Xuan said with a smile as he grabbed director Wu’s arm and pulled up. A bone cracking sound was heard and his joint was back to where it was.

Suddenly, director Wu’s felt that his arm was fine and he didn’t feel pain anymore. He looked at Ye Xuan like he was a monster and said, “I couldn’t tell but you little brat is pretty strong!”

“Then… Then director Wu, the job…..” Ye Xuan asked with smiled and trailed.

“Come over to work Monday.”

Manager Wu waved his big hand as his heroic aura surged.

“Thank you!”

Ye Xuan thanked him with a smile and left, leaving a shocked director Wu and security guards, who were standing dumbfounded.

Their security team hired a big shot this time!

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