Omni Genius chapter 112

Chapter 112: Brother Niu’s tragedy.

Qin Feng and Ning Yumo glanced at each other and cramped smiled when the six robbers appeared.

“B-Boss, I’ll-I’ll pay.”

Qin Feng looked at the dagger on Brother Niu’s arm and put a scared expression on his face before pulling out his wallet and handed over to him the few bucks in it.

Ning Yumo, who was holding a smile, hid behind Qin Feng as if she was scared and acted like it was instinctive reaction.

Brother Niu and his men didn’t pay attention to her and completely ignored the money on Qin Feng’s hand, instead they took his wallet and tried to find the bank card that contained the money they were looking for.

“Brat, tell me the truth. Where’s the card with the millions dollars?”

Brother Niu spent nearly half a day trying searching Qin Feng’s wallet. He found meals cards, shopping cards, membership cards or internet café cards but he couldn’t find the one he was looking for. Hence he threatened Qin Feng again as he took a step forward and pointed his dagger toward him.

“B-boss, all-all my money is there, please j-just l-let us go.”

Qin Feng took the opportunity to take a step back as he begged for mercy, attracting the attention of the gangster as they ignored the presence of Ning Yumo, the delicate looking beauty.

Initially when Brother Niu and his men just engaged, their gazes were focused on Ning Yumo and her sexy figure, especially her towering chest.

It was just that she couldn’t be compared to Qin Feng’s one million dollars. With that amount of money, they didn’t have to worry about finding beautiful women.

It was their greed for money that made them ignore the beautiful and extremely strong woman who was also a police officer.

“Still saying crap? Time to bleed you then…”

Brother Niu wasn’t some patient boss, he threw away the wallet and rushed toward Qin Feng to search his body. He thought that the one million dollars card should surely be on Qin Feng’s body.

But Qin Feng suddenly laughed.

The laughter gave Brother Niu a sense of doubt as he tightened the hold on his dagger. He had the feeling that something weird was happening.

But even so, he didn’t have the intention to leave.

Then he suddenly saw a delicate hand coming out of nowhere and grabbed his hand, and then…a snapping sound was heard.


Before Brother Niu could figure out what was going on, he felt a sudden pain coming from his wrist and his body immediately jolted. Following the sound of a fracture, Brother Niu screamed in pain from the bottom of his heart.

On such a quiet summer night and in a sparsely populated neighborhood, some apartment or home who had their light off, turned on their light again due to the scream resounding in the area.


“Brother Niu!”

Brother Niu’s men also didn’t understand. They clearly had the advantage, and Qin Feng was clearly scared. He seemed to have already given everything on his body but in a blink of an eye, Brother Niu suddenly screamed in pain.

“Com- come here and be-beat… AIYOYO…”

Brother Niu was already in lot of pain when he finally realized that it was the beautiful Ning Yumo who held and broke his wrist. He felt embarrassed for dismissing her when she acted scared earlier, so he quickly yelled to his men for help.

“Quick! Let’s us save Brother Niu!”

They couldn’t escape while Brother Niu was being held. So they immediately called for Brother Niu rescue and rushed to him while splitting in two groups.

The young driver didn’t like Bootlicker and thought that he was Brother Niu’s favorite. Hence, he called for his rescue as this was a chance to prove himself and gain favor from Brother Niu.

His idea wasn’t bad but reality was often cruel.

The young drive thought in his mind that Bootlicker was stupid for not taking this opportunity. He quickly arrived near Ning Yumo and was about to grab away but the policewoman just simply kicked him.

When the young driver saw Ning Yumo kicking toward him, he thought excitedly, “As long I grab her leg, she’s done.” so he reached out immediately in attempt to stop and seize her leg.

The result was…

An impact sound followed by a scream as the young driver was sent flying Ning Yumo’s kick. He lied on the ground in pain and needed much time before he could recover.

“Fuck! This woman is too strong! It hurts…”

The young driver screamed like he was dying. His chest got kicked by Ning Yumo and turned blue, but if he didn’t have a bit of meat on that place, his ribs would have broken to pieces.

Bootlicker and the other were wrong, Ning Yumo was much stronger than they would ever expect. He wasn’t stupid, normal people wouldn’t be able to send him flying like nothing. So him and the rest of his brothers went back to the car to get iron pipe or baseball bats, one even took a beer bottle.

“Qin Feng, help me hold this guy, I’ll go take care of them.”

Seeing those bastards about to attacks, Ning Yumo’s expression turned somber and cold but she was still holding Brother Niu and couldn’t move, so she asked Qin Feng for help.

“Don’t worry, Sister Xiao Ning, I can take care of those guys.”

Qin Feng refused and explained to Ning Yumo before he rushed toward the gangster.

“Be careful!”

Although Ning Yumo didn’t want Qin Feng to go, she heard of his fighting prowess at the university during the meal. She was worried about him but she could only tell him to be careful.

It’s been a long time since these men followed after Brother Niu. They never killed people before and didn’t have the gut to do so either, but they had been in plenty of battles. It was hard to scare them, especially when they had the number advantage.

“Beat this brat! Beat him to a pulp!”

Qin Feng’s earlier words were not only heard by Ning Yumo but also by the gangsters.

To gangster like them, being looking down upon was a slap to the face to them, especially being looking down upon by Qin Feng who acted like scared puppy not two minutes ago.  Thus some of the gangsters took off their masks and brandished their weapons as they charged toward Qin Feng.

“Brat, you were the one courting death, don’t blame us!”

Bootlicker said darkly as waved his baseball bat toward Qin Feng. He naturally rather fight the weak looking Qin Feng after he saw how strong Ning Yumo was.

“We don’t know which of us is going to die yet.”

Qin Feng responded coldly before he charged toward the three people.

Ning Yumo wasn’t slacking either. There originally six people, Qin Feng was handling three of them while she was restraining Brother Niu and dealing with two of his subordinate that tried to save him.

Unfortunately for the two men, they couldn’t be compared to Ning Yumo. Every time she moved her leg, the two men backed off in fear. They couldn’t beat or chase off Ning Yumo to save their boss.

That was how Brother Niu’s tragedy started.


Each time Brother Niu’s charged toward Ning Yumo, she adjusted the direction she was facing in a timely fashion to deal with the two slippery and annoying guys, she was doing that while holding Brother Niu’s fractured arm.

Brother Niu’s arm was like a directional stick. He goes in whichever direction she twisted.

Ning Yumo didn’t care that he was constantly screaming in pain as she twisted constantly whenever his men tried to get the drop on her. His arm was completely out of his control as it kept being twisted and crushed by Ning Yumo. His face turned pale and ugly as his tears flowed freely, he looked extremely ugly.

“S-stop… I-I can’t hold it anymore…”

Brother Niu’s voice was so coarse that he could barely scream. He immediately begged for mercy to the police officer who was still chasing after his men.

“Gunny, Little Four, Stop!”

He used his remaining strength to yell at his running men to stop, because if it kept continuing like this, his arm might just really be ripped off by Ning Yumo.


The two fellow were still running in circle around Ning Yumo and wondered what was the best solution to save their boss when they suddenly heard Brother Niu begging. They only realized at this time that Brother Niu’s arm, which was being hold by Ning Yumo, was broken.

Ning Yumo also only realized it now and felt a bit embarrassed. She had broken his wrist and made it even worst that it already was, so much the arm looked like it might come off…

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