Omni Genius Chapter 111

Chapter 111: You dare to rob a police officer?

Just as Qin Feng’s eyes were about to pop out, he felt someone pulling his clothes behind him. Qin Feng turned around with surprise and saw Xiao Muxue looking at him with a weird face.

“You’re still looking…”

Xiao Muxue angrily muttered and made Qin Feng blush in shame. He had an urge to find a hole and hide himself.

Xiao Muxied might have muttered but Tang Feifei and Ning Yumo still heard her. They were surprised and had a strange look on their faces. Then Tang Feiei saw that Ning Yumo’s bountiful chest was exposed, her brows immediately shot up as her eyes surged with anger.

Ning Yumo also blushed in embarrassment and quickly straightened up. This made her white mountains hide back into her shirt, which made Qin Feng a bit disappointed.

At this moment, Qin Feng felt a smooth hand creeping toward his waist before pinching his sensible flesh and twisted it. Qin Feng nearly jolted in pain but in the end endured the pain and smiled pitifully at Tang Feifei.


Tang Feifei just coldly snorted after seeing Qin Feng pitiful expression. She leaned toward Ning Yumo’s face and whispered to her while ignoring him.

“You were a bad boy.”

Xiao Muxue said with a smirk.

“You’re still talking, if it wasn’t for you…”

Qin Feng was speechless. He wanted to criticize Xiao Muxue but couldn’t do it.

To be honest, Xiao Muxue’s presence was really low around Qin Feng. Perhaps it was because they didn’t know each other for long, thought their relationship was still good but not as good as he was with Tang Feifei. There was always a bit of a distance between them.

It was this kind of distance that made the relationship between Qin Feng and Xiao Muxue close and distant at the same time. Qin Feng wanted to make a joke but couldn’t say it in the end.

“Ladies and gentlemen, your food is ready. Should I serve it now?”

Fortunately, the waitress came and respectfully asked them.

“Yes, right now. we brothers were about to die from hunger.”

His brothers from the dorm saw that the mood of Qin Feng’s side was a bit off and immediately ordered to send the dish in while complained in their mind that some people had it too good. With this, the assault on Qin Feng would stop and he won’t be embarrassed anymore.

Soon, the dishes were are here and the meal officially started.

Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue had already become acquainted with the brothers in the dormitory and they knew that the two girls had close tie with Qin Feng. So they were careful around them and looked at Qin Feng for permission every time they toasted with them.

But the addition of Ning Yumo made several brothers extremely excited, especially knowing that Ning Yumo’s younger brother was Ning Hai University’s famous Brother Qian, and that made them full of beans.

It was no surprise because at Ning Hai University, Ning Weiqiang wasn’t some boss or master but everybody in the university gives him face. It was said as long they had a connection with Ning Weiqian, nobody would dare to bully them in Ning Hai University.

That was why the brothers, except Fang Dacheng, were so fire up and tried to diligently serve her while drinking heavily. Even a second generation like Xiao Nan was no exception.

He didn’t have a choice, if Xiao Nan was in Guangdong, he might have some connection but when he came to Ning Hai, he didn’t know anybody or have any connection. All he had was money.

It was already 10 p.m. when they were done with their meals.

At this time, the brothers drank quite a bit of beer, Qin Feng did the same even though he was forbidden from drinking by Tang Feifei, but he was still sober as he didn’t drank enough to be drunk.

Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue also drank a bit as their face turned a bit red and looked very attractive but they were far from being drunk.

As for Ning Yumo, she drank plenty, and her snow white face was red like a tomato now, but she still looked sober. It seemed that her alcohol tolerance was quite good.

“Qin Feng, Sister Ning’s place is quite far. It’s not safe for her to go home alone tonight, why don’t you accompany her?”

Tang Feifei hesitated before suggesting.

“I’m fine. The drinks were nothing. Qin Feng, you still have to send Feifei back to the dorm.” Ning Yumo responded before Qin Feng could.

“We’re fine. We have so many people with us, so it’s safe. Let Qin Feng accompany you.”

Tang Feifei felt moved when she heard Ning Yumo’s word but when she thought that there was still Xiao Muxue around, she didn’t know why her heart started feel nervous.

In addition it seemed that Ning Yumo drank a lot of beer and she lived quite far from here. They were good sisters, si she felt worried for her safety.

It was obviously inappropriate for the other the accompany her. Qin Feng was the best options.

“Qin Feng, what do you say?”

Rather to respond to Tang Feifei, Ning Yumo turned to Qin Feng and asked him.


Qin Feng felt a headache when he got questioned. Especially when several women stared at him, it made him feel stressed.

But the decision shouldn’t be dragged as with a glance at the restaurent’s entrance, he saw Brother Niu waiting for him.

“Big Brother, help send Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue back to dorm. I will accompany Sister Ning back to her home.” Qin Feng said seriously to Dacheng and the others.

“Don’t worry, with the five of us, which thief will dare to come?”

Shen Yang said as he patted his chest. A big guy like him was indeed powerful. The strongest amongst them, Fang Dacheng, also nodded in reassurance. Qin Feng felt reassured by them.

“Feifei, I’m going to take Sister Ning home. Since you drank a bit of beer, you should rest sooner or it’ll be uncomfortable tomorrow. Same for you, Muxue.”

Naturally, Qin Feng didn’t forgot give the two girls a simple an explanation. His gentle attitude made their slightly hurt feelings better.

“Okay, don’t worry and safely send Sister Ning back to her home, or else…. Humph!”

Tang Feifei said happily but at the same time, she also painfully pinched Qin Feng waist.

Since he convinced the two girls, Ning Yumo obviously didn’t have a problem with it. They watched the boys escort the two girls back to the dorm and slowly disappear under the stars of the night.

“Let’s go, since you want to take me back, then I won’t be polite.”

Ning Yumo said with a grin when Tang Feifei and the others disappeared from her sight. Then she took a hold of Qin Feng and slowly walked back to her home. They looked like a couple roaming through the night.

But in fact, their relationship wasn’t as close as it might seem. Qin Feng could feel her plentiful fertility and curves but his mind didn’t dare to have a single indecent thought.

“Aren’t you already aware?”

Ning Yumo asked. Of course she didn’t make them walk so intimately for no reason.

“Aware of what?”

Qin Feng was confused at her sudden question.

“The people behind us and that car… don’t turn around.”

Ning Yumo immediately warned when Qin Feng was about to turn his head.

“Sister Ning, you also perceived them.”

Qin Feng reacted in time and said. It was obvious that Ning Yumo was talking about Brother Niu and his men. When Qin Feng left the restaurant, he also saw Brother Niu quickly checking out after them.

“Rubbish, don’t forget what my job is. If I didn’t have at least his much skill, can I still be vice-captain?”

Ning Yumo said as she gave Qin Feng a stink eye.

The two of them didn’t say anything else. Ning Yumo already noticed the men behind her and was pretty calm as she already made plans in her mind.

Qin Feng was also relatively calm as Brother Niu and some of his men were in the car at the other side of the road, probably to keep a better eye on him but Qin Feng exploited this to cast a few appraisal skills on him.

The result was only Brother Niu was at level 2, the others were all at level 1.

With this confirmed, Qing Feng wasn’t worried that they couldn’t take care of them anymore. After all, police officer Ning was a level 4 master.

The walk was more or less calm until they reached Ning Yumo’s home which was a bit more secluded. Then Brother suddenly drove in front of them and stopped in front of them to block them. Then five to six people descended out of the car.

“Brat, I’ll be honest, just obediently give us all the money on you, otherwise bad thing will happen.”

Even though Brother Niu concealed his face, Qin Feng could imagine his ferocious face as the dagger he held reflected the light.

“You dare to rob a cop?”

Qin Feng smiled as he doesn’t think that Brother Niu would be courageous enough that they would dare to rob the criminal police vice-captain. They thought he was an easy target but ended up pulling the tiger’s tail.

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