Omni Genius Chapter 110

Chapter 110: God Sister.

When Qin Feng saw Brother Niu’s group, Brother Niu also looked everywhere to try to find Qin Feng whereabouts and just happened to see him when Qin Feng just walked out of the private room. They made eye contact for a short moment before Brother Niu acted like he didn’t know him and broke eye contact.

“Was I wrong?”

Qin Feng thought that he was wrong when Brother Niu’s reacted differently than he expected, like he wasn’t here for him.

When he looked at Brother Niu and his men a few more time, he realized that the red light on their body became even stronger than before.

A closer look revealed that although Brother Niu pretended that he did not know Qin Feng at all, some of his people secretly took a look at Qin Fang from time to time, and that made Qin Feng immediately let go of his doubt.

“So it is because…”

He thought back on the few time the red light and didn’t found any person. He realized that he only started to see the red light after he sold the two pieces of jade, especially after he sold the one that was worth a million dollar.

When thinking about it, Qin Feng lost any drive to go to the toilet. He had already been marked and this situation bothered him greatly. He could not only lose the money but also his life. Someone may find his body in a river tomorrow. For money, some gangster wouldn’t care about a life or two.

If Qin Feng and Ning Yumo fight against the gangster and was unable to beat them, they probably would lose their life and have their bodies being throw into some wild mountains.

Qin Feng didn’t stay and immediately ran back to the room when he thought about it.

“What’s wrong, fourth brother? Your face doesn’t look very good…”

The moment he went back to the room, Xiao Nan and the other saw there was something wrong with Qin Feng and immediately asked him with worry.

“Qin Feng, what’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

Tang Feifei asked worriedly and even went to take his temperature without hesitation. “There’s no fever. So what’s wrong?”

“I’m fine. I’m just a little bit flustered. It’ll be fine after a bit of rest.”

Qin Feng looked at his brothers and friends in the room, he pursed his lips and didn’t say anything in the end. This matter had little to do with them and decided to not burden them with it.

“I guess fourth brother is a bit too high from getting rich overnight. It’ll be fine, he’ll just need a few days…” Xiao Nan said with a smile, he was used to see such a thing and tried to comfort Qin Feng. Soon the beer they ordered came and immediately filled Qin Feng’s drinks with beer.

“No, Qin Feng can’t drink!”

Qin Feng’s mind was preoccupied and wasn’t in the mood to drink but it was difficult for him to refuse his brothers. At this time, Tang Feifei thoughtfully stopped Xiao Nan and the others from trying to get Qin Feng drunk.

“Since Sister Tang said so, I won’t make it difficult for fourth brother, three cup for each person. After that, we brother won’t bother you anymore.”

As the dorm representative, Xiao Nan immediately made a decision on behalf of all the brothers and indirectly helped Qin Feng.

Three cup for each person wasn’t a big deal for Qin Feng. As the dishes didn’t come out yet, Qin Feng quickly and easily drank with all his brothers. With the drinking done, he could now try to figure out what to do.

He didn’t have power or influence. It wasn’t easy for him to earn more than a million dollars but he got unexpectedly been marked by someone. Anybody would be nervous if they were in his position.

“Should I call Tiger bro?” (TLN: I forgot how the last translation called him, could be Hu Ge, brother Hu, Brother Tiger or other thing.)

Qin Feng thought about it but in the end shook his end.

He formed a connection with Tiger bro thanks to being introduced by Scarface. Their relation were not particularly close but it shouldn’t be a problem if he asked him to help him a little, but Qin Feng didn’t know who he was face against. The other party might be a big figure, it was hard to tell.

“How about I call Sister Xiao Ning?”

Then Qin Feng thought of Ning Yumo, a police officer. She seemed to have been transferred to the City Criminal Police Force as a deputy captain after the arrest of the two wanted criminal. Behind her was also her father who was the secretary of the Provincial Political and Legal Affairs Committee and could be considered a big figure in Ning Hai.

(TLN: I don’t know much about police or political position in china, so all the position I just wrote was mostly google translated but feel free to tell me the correct answer.)

“By the way, Qin Feng, Sister Xiao Ning knows about your situation and said she’ll be over later.”

Tang Feifei told him casually just as he was thinking about whether he should ask Ning Yumo for help.

“Oh? That’s great, how about we wait for Sister Xiao Ning?”

The speaker had no particular meaning behind what she said but the listener read his own meaning into it. (TLN: Practically mean that Qin Feng took her words much more seriously than she did.)

Qin Feng’s face gave off a strange expression as his initial gloomy face slowly turned into a bright smile.

“I don’t think we need to do that…… Oh, Sister Xiao Ning.”

Tang Feifei didn’t see Qin Feng change of expression and thought he was exaggerating but suddenly the door opened and Ning Yumo walked in while wearing casual clothes.

Maybe because she got off work, she wore a tight fitted white T-shirt and trouser, showing off perfectly her curvy figure, especially her breast that made Tang Feifei feel inferior. The man in the room couldn’t help but react and gawk at her.

“Sister Xiao Ning!”

Qin Feng turned around when he heard the door and saw Ning Yumo delicate face before he immediately greeted her. Then he stood up with a smile and pulled the chair for her to sit.

Speak of Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrives. (TLN: Chinese equivalent of Speak of the devil and he doth appear.)

“Qin Feng, I heard you made a fortune. Do you mind if I came to have a meal?”

Ning Yumo teased him with a smile.

“Sister Xiao Ning, don’t speak like that. I’ll welcome you whenever you want to have a meal.”

He was just about to call Ning Yumo for help and she suddenly showed up. It was like somebody gave him a pillow when he was just about to doze off.

“Hehe, you’re the one who said it. But the cook in your noodle shop changed, even though it’s good, it’s not as good as when you made it. So the next time I go, I want you to personally cook for me.”

Ning Yumo liked to talk to Qin Feng like that, casually and light-hearted. Of course, they were so close because of the experience they had during incident with the two criminal.

“Fourth Brother, why don’t you introduce this… beautiful sister.”

When Qin Feng and Ning Yumo were talking, Xiao Nan and the other were muttering and wondered how Qin Feng knew such a beautiful woman. They go out a lot but never met someone like her.

“You guys must be Qin Feng classmates, right? My name is Ning Yumo and I’m Qin Feng’s … god sister, you can all be like him and call me Sister Xiao Ning.”

Ning Yumo acted open minded as they were just students and introduced herself as Qin Feng’s sister, god sister.

At that moment, Qin Feng wasn’t aware that he had an extra god sister.

“God sister? Hehehe…” (TLN: the character for god sister can also mean nominal, but from the way Xiao Nan act, it seems it had a lewd meaning behind it and I just don’t know what kind of naughty meaning it has even when I tried to search it on google, though I did find some r-18 manwha with this title.)

When Xiao Nan and the others heard that, they looked at each other with weird smile and some of them even had lewd smile, like Xiao Nan, who laughed even more lewdly, which made him look obscene.

Ning Yumo also laughed with them in ignorance and turned to look at Qin Feng with a face that seemed to tell, why all your friends are so disgusting?

Qin Feng could only helplessly laugh, even though usually he was quite honest, and know quite a bit a things, such as this god…sister thing.

The question was if he dared to explain it?

Obviously he didn’t dare.

Therefore, Qin Feng could only helplessly smile. It seemed that these bunches of guys were crazy and Qin Feng could only complain in his mind that these brothers wasn’t giving him face.

“God sister? Qin Feng, since when did Sister Xiao Ning became your god sister?”

Tang Feifei pulled Ye Xuan’s clothes before leaning it close to his face and whispered.

“I don’t know either…”

Qin Feng smiled bitterly. Ning Yumo just said it out of nowhere, how could he know?

Qin Fang knew very well that his mother had no relative, at least she never had contacted any relative. She spent most of her time trying to earn money for Qin Feng and had little time to spare. So there was no way that Ning Yumo was his relative and even less of a chance that she was his mother’s god daughter.

As for Qin Feng, this goes without saying. He and Ning Yumo only saw each other a few times.

(TLN: I have no idea why the author started to explain that there’s no possibility of previous relation between the mc and Ning Yumo. I mean… it was pretty clear she was said that on a whim.)

“Don’t worry, Feifei, I didn’t mean anything… you know me, I wanted a little brother and you know how virtuous he is. Since I find him quite good, I wanted to make him my little brother.”

It seemed that Ning Yumo heard what they were talking about and turned toward them to explain it to Tang Feifei.

Qin Feng sat in the middle with Xiao Muxue and Tang Feifei at his sides. As Ning Yumo and Tang Feifei knew each other, she sat next to her but when he was talking with Tang Feifei he could see Ning Yumo’s cleavage whenever he tilted his head upward.

Qin Feng could see the smooth and beautiful deep white ravine with his eyes and then Ning Yumo bended over and squeezed the two rabbit with her arms, the two soft mountain looked like they were about to pop out of her clothes. Qin Feng could feel his blood flowing toward his lower body and this lower body couldn’t help but have a… reaction.

“God sister… God Sister…”

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