Omni Genius Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Finding the enemy.

TLN: I was a bit surprised that nobody took up this novel even after two years after it had been dropped. Though the author dropped the novel, it still had more than 3000 chapters left and we still have plenty of chapters before the story turn kind of bad.

Anyways I’ll be translating this while waiting for Editor to catch up on Medical Martial God. The difference is this story won’t be edited, meaning that my editor who had a better Chinese and check if anything I had translated is wrong or not.

Anyways there’s no schedule for this, I’m just doing it whenever I’m too far up ahead in Medical Martial God and Editor needed to catch up.

Although Qin Feng’s heart felt a sense of danger, everything from downtown Ning Hai to entering the university or even the gate of Lan Yuan residential area had been calm and nothing unexpected happened.

“Fourth Brother, you see? There’s nothing. I told you were worrying for nothing.”

When they got off the car and paid for the taxi, Shen Yan started to joke that Qin Feng was too anxious.

Of course, he himself didn’t have a million dollars’ worth on his body and couldn’t understand Qin Feng’s feeling, but Feng Dachun looked around carefully and didn’t find anything suspicious, so it wasn’t mentioned again.

“The private room has been booked, let’s go in first…”

At this moment, Xiao Nan and the others also came and when they saw Qin Feng standing at the entrance, they greeted him.

“You guys go in first and order some dishes. Just tell me the room numbers, I’ll wait for Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue.”

Qin Feng didn’t go in but instead let his brothers in first as he stayed at the entrance to wait for the two beauties to come. At least he had the right attitude.

“Alright, we’re going in first. Today, fourth brother is rich, so we brothers won’t hesitate.”

Xiao Nan exaggeratingly said and immediately drew the unanimous approval of his brothers. It was more than a millions dollars that fell from the sky, it wouldn’t be right if they didn’t enjoy it. (TLN: Talking about the money Qin Feng got with the jade.)

In this regard, Qin Feng only smiled as he didn’t mind it. As long they didn’t start ordering and eating luxurious thing abalone or truffle, he could still afford it.

“Feifei, I’m already here. Where’re you girls at?”

After waiting for a while at the entrance and still didn’t see Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue, Qin Feng anxiously called Tang Feifei’s phone and worriedly asked.

“Come on, why are you so worried?”

However, Tang Feifei’s answer made him a bit depressed as he could vaguely hear that the two women were discussing which clothes were better from the phone.

Qin Feng was speechless. It was obvious that the two girls were still changing clothes at the dorm. It was women’s nature to do so, being late wasn’t a big deal for them. Even if the men were waiting anxiously, they may try still make something up add another hour because the dress wasn’t pretty enough or something like that.

When Qin Feng smiled bitterly while on the phone, the corner of his eyes saw once again an unusual little red light.

When he carefully looked at that direction, he didn’t see any people but saw a black sedan in that location. He could see people in the car but it wasn’t clear.

When Qin Feng used his appraisal skill to investigate, the answer he received was, “The level of the appraisal skill is too low, beyond the range to use, situation unclear.”

“Well, it still hadn’t upgraded yet but its close…”

When Qin Feng saw that the level of his appraisal skill was too low, he checked the proficiency level and found it was at 92%. It had increase by 10% by just looking at more than a thousand jade rocks. The skill proficiency increased by 1% every time he used it one hundred times.

“Just need to use it a thousand more times before it upgrades.”

Now that he got a taste of the appraisal skill, Qin Feng quietly thought in his mind, the skill brought him more than a million dollars today alone, wouldn’t he become a billionaire if he had a few more opportunity like this?

Of course, Qin Feng might have the cheat like skill appraisal but his luck today was also quite good. Finding two good rocks at a cheap price were like a gift falling from sky.

However, Qin Feng had seen all the rocks in the workshop and very few of them had jade in it. He had chosen the two because they were the cheapest and he couldn’t afford the other one.

At first, Qin Feng didn’t expect the two pieces of jade to sell so high. He would have been happy if he was able to earn back the money he spent with a bit of extra profit but didn’t think he would get such a big profit at the end.

Qin Feng already had plans on how to spend the money he just got. His feelings of wonder from being suddenly rich also faded away.


“Brother Niu, he is the kid…”

In the black sedan Qin Feng saw, bootlicker pointed at Qin Feng who stood at entrance as he said to his boss, Brother Niu.

“You guys better take a good look at him and remember his face. No matter you do, don’t let this kid run away. Whoever let him escape will face my wrath!”

Brother Niu ordered his man coldly as he looked at the entrance. He couldn’t get the four millions dollars and will probably kill himself if he couldn’t get the one millions this time, because this kid looked a weak student.

“Of course, I will reward whoever catches this kid with the best girls in Golden Age.”

Although Brother Niu didn’t study much or read much books, he experience life for many years and his carrot and the sticks technique was already quite advanced.

“Brother Niu is the best!”

His men couldn’t help but cheer when they heard him.

No one in Ning Hai didn’t know about the Golden Age, it may not be as good as the Ming Shi Saloon, Heaven on Earth or Ning Hai club but it was still a first class place in Ning Hai entertainment industry.

Brother Niu might look well off but he was only a bit better than the others. He was just harrasing a few farmers market for protection money. When business was good, he could earn at most twenty to thirty thousand dollars but when business was bad, he could barely make ends meet. He had to save for quite a while just to get the car he currently had.

That was why Brother Niu had to look for other ways to make money and that’s what he did.

“Shit! I didn’t expect that this kid was so awesome.”

Just when the men were preparing themselves, the driver suddenly yelled and surprised Brother Niu and the others.

“What it is?”

Brother Niu and Bootlicker looked over and saw Qin Feng enter the restaurant with Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue at his sides.

“These two girls are really top grade goods…”

Bootlicker couldn’t help but make a rude remark as he felt jealousy that a guy like Qin Feng could get two beautiful girls at the same time, especially that the two looked that they were getting along pretty well. They would make anyone jealous, let alone them who declared that Qin Feng was a fat sheep that was about to be slaughtered.

“Let us go. You, keep an eye here and tell me if anything happens.”

Brother Niu expression turned serious before he ordered his men to go at the restaurant after hesitating a bit.

Of course, someone needed to stay back and guard, this someone was naturally the young man who was driving.

“When there’s good thing, I’m never in but when there’s shit thing to do, it’s always me. Fuck! With a boss like this…”

The young driver complained when Brother Niu and the others were at a relative safe distance. He couldn’t hold back anymore and started to vent his anger out loud.

Qin Feng didn’t know anything about that was happening with Brother Niu, he suspected something but never saw anybody show up, so he couldn’t be sure about it.

“Brother, did you order the dishes?”

Qin Feng asked his friends after he led the two beautiful women to the private room.

“How can we order as we wishes when the boss isn’t here? It’s better if you and the two beauties order the rest of the dishes.”

Xiao Nan said with a laugh as he gave the menu to Qing Feng and Tang Feifei along with Xiao Muxue.

Qin Feng looked at the dishes his brothers had ordered before he, Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue each ordered a dish or two. With this, they nearly ordered all the dishes on the menu. As for the quality or the quantity of the dishes, there was nothing to say, one just needed to look at the price.

“Waitress, give us three boxes of beers”

Shen Yang and Xiao Nan ordered as they gave back the menu to the waitress. They remembered that the last time they couldn’t get Qin Feng drunk.

“About this…. Let me go the bathroom first.”

Qin Feng smiled and realized he wouldn’t able to escape tonight drinking. It was likely that everyone will try to get him drunk, even Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue might participate. Who told him to let everyone present know he was good at holding his liquor.

It was impossible for him to hide at the toilet as this was celebration meal. It would be too humiliating if the boss ran away. So he only came here to relieve his bladder, so he can have an empty one when it was the time for him to drink.


Just as Qin Feng walked out of the room, he saw Brother Niu and his men come from the entrance of the restaurant.

Normally, Qin Feng wouldn’t care but these guys were emitting red light and amongst them, Brother Niu red light was the most prominent.

“They’re coming for me…”

When Qin Feng saw the red light, he immediately knew their purpose for coming here but Qin Feng couldn’t recognize any of them.

TLN: I only took this as a pass time, I don’t know how many chapters I will translate or often but this week I’m pretty free.

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