Medical Martial God chapter 15

Chapter 15:Domineering declaration.


Lan Wanting replied coldly when Ye Xiaoli and Qian Duoduo called her.

“President Lan, this Ye Xuan is a trash and is mentally ill. Do you really want to hire him as the general manager of the Azure Company?” Qian Duoduo couldn’t help but ask.

“He’s right. Director Lan, you have to be clear that hiring trash as your general manager will have a tremendous impact on the reputation of your company, and our president Ye said that whoever hire him will become our Ye Group enemy.” Ye Xiaoli hurriedly added in turn.

“Since when does my Azure Company needed to turn to others for advice? Other may fear your Ye Group, but do I, Lan Wanting, fear you? Besides, even if I want to hire Mr. Ye, I still have to see if Mr. Ye agrees or not!” Lan Wuting replied harshly.

Just as Ye Xiaoli and Qian Duoduo was about to speak, Ye Xuan lightly shook his head and said, “To be honest, President Lan, I don’t really have any interest toward your Azure Company. I’m afraid I will have to refuse your kindness.”

How could Ye Xuan not see that Lan Wanting was only helping him because he had saved her life earlier?

Ye Xuan had to refuse this kindness because he didn’t want this opportunity to climb up the rank and risk ruining the reputation of the Azure Company.

He also didn’t want to be in Azure Company because he was going to war against the Ye Group!

Furthermore, he truly didn’t have any interest in the Azure Company!

Even if he wanted to deal with the Ye Group, he’d rather use his own strength.


Everybody present’s faces were stunned for a moment and their face was filled with disbelief when they heard what Ye Xuan said.

This guy actually refused the invitation from the Azure Company in front of so many people while knowing that if he had agreed, he would have really jumped directly to the post of general manager of the Azure Company. Because Lan Wutiang would have kept their words since she said it in front of so many people.

But it was unbelievable that this guy really turned down such an opportunity.

Even Lan Wutiang and her secretary seemed to be paralyzed by shock.

Both Ye Xiaoli and Qian Duoduo looked at Ye Xuan with disbelief as their eyes and mouths were wide open.

If they were in his place, they would definitely agree and use this opportunity to climb the ranks. However, Ye Xuan went against their expectation and refused decisively the Azure Company’s invitation in front of everyone.

Ignoring everybody’s shocked look, Ye Xuan slowly walked toward Ye Xiaoli and Qian Duoduo and declared with a domineering voice.

“Honestly speaking, I’ve never cared about the measly Ye family. They kicked me out of the Ye family when I was unconscious? At that time, I didn’t know! But now that I’m awake, I’ll make it clear once and for all!”

Ye Xuan’s voice volume suddenly increased toward the end.

“It was not the Ye family that kicked me out, but it was I, Ye Xuan, that took the initiative to leave the Ye family! And from now on, I have no relation to the Ye family!”

“They are ignoring the current me, but they won’t be able to stand up to me in the future.”

“Ye Xiaoli, when you return remember to tell that old bastard from the Ye family what I’ve said today.”

Ye Xiaoli was rooted on the spot and unable to respond when she heard Ye Xuan’s domineering speech.

After saying his piece, Ye Xuan stopped paying attention to Ye Xiaoli and instead set his eyes on Qian Duoduo before he said with a cold voice, “As for you Qian Duoduo, the reason I haven’t paid attention to you is that you are nothing but an ant in my eyes!”

“Let me give you an advice. Watch fewer movies at night and quit your habit of jerking off. Now, your kidney has been injured and the damage accumulated over the years, if you keep going that way….you’ll end your life with your own hands.”

“Ye Xuan, you fucking bastard, you’re the one who likes to watch movies at night and fap!”

Qian Duoduo shouted loudly and flew into a rage when he heard what Ye Xuan said.

Although he had indeed a habit of watching porn, but Ye Xuan revealing it to everybody like that made him extremely furious.

“You’re still denying? Look, you’ve got your pants wet.”

When Ye Xuan saw him denying it, he smiled disdainfully as a needle shot off from his finger and pierced Qian Duoduo’s body without any warning.

“You… You’re the one who urinate himself! This elder will fight it out with you! RAH!”

Qian Duoduo was so full of rage after being humiliated by Ye Xuan in front of so many people that he was about to throw a punch at Ye Xuan when he suddenly felt a chill in his lower body as a large amount of yellow liquid flowed down from his pants. His body suddenly froze in shock before he let out a terrified scream.

He… He actually had problems with incontinence and peed on himself!

“The fuck!?”

“Qian Duoduo actually peed on himself? Look at his wet pants.”

“Everything Ye Xuan said was true?”

“I can’t believe Qian Duoduo has the habit of watching porn and fapping. What a fucking pervert.”

“So disgusting…”

The surrounding people all couldn’t help but laugh loudly when they saw how Qian Duoduo had peed on himself. Even his beautiful secretary looked at him with disgust and didn’t think that this Qian Duoduo was actually a pervert!

Immediately after, she opened her mouth and said, “Excuse me, director Qian, I want to resign.”


When they saw the secretary that was with Qian Duoduo had stepped forward and resigned, the people at the scene could not help but laugh and continued talking more fervently.

“Ye…… Ye Xuan, just…just you wait and see!”

Hearing the voice of the people around him, Qian Duoduo couldn’t stay anymore. He looked hatefully at Ye Xuan and ran away with his wet pants on him.


But before he could even run few steps, a stone flew out of nowhere and hit his ankles, causing him to fall headfirst toward the ground. He fell beautifully and ended up like a dog eating shit. The scene prompted everybody to burst out in laughter again.

Qian Duoduo humiliated and embarrassed himself so much that he became a laughing stock to everybody present.

Seemingly having thought of something, Ye Xuan turned his eyes toward Ye Xiaoli and softly said.

“Right, Ye Xiaoli, I gave you an advice the last time I saw you, but it looks like that you forgot about it. I’ll repeat it again for you, ‘I suggest you to not be insatiable every day and be careful about your irregular menstruation or you’ll start bleeding!’”


Just as he finished speaking, Ye Xiaoli’s face suddenly turned pale and her legs trembled as she let out a shriek.

In the next moment, she ran away like a madwoman and left a trail of blood behind her.

“Damn, why are you so fierce? Don’t… don’t tell me she really had her menstruation?” The crowd were stunned and agape when they saw the blood on the ground.

Could this Ye Xuan actually predict!?

In front of so many people, Ye Xiaoli and Qian Duoduo’s reputation had been completely ruined. They became the laughingstock of the masses.

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