Medical Martial God chapter 14

Chapter 14: Leading beauty.

There were a sea of people in the unemployment office during the weekend with a variety of recruitment activities everywhere.

Ye Xuan stood amongst the crowd with a frown and an ugly look on his face.

Ye Xuan was interviewed by multiple companies but as soon as the other person learned his name, they refused him. He spent a long time wandering and searching but ended up with nothing in the end.

They clearly put a ban on him!

“Yo, isn’t this the famous Ye family’s young master? How do you find the time to come to the unemployed office?”

A mocking voice rang into Ye Xuan’s ears just as he was about to go upstairs and look around.

From the source of the voice, a young man wearing brand named clothes appeared with an extremely attractive secretary.

This young man looked about twenty five or twenty six years old, with combed over hairstyle while wearing dark sunglasses and his skin tone was sallow. He was also tall and slender. All in all, he looked like a cold venomous snake.

On other hand, her secretary was particularly beautiful. She wore a business suit and was very sexy in it. When they stood together, it was like the Beauty and the Beast.

“Qian Duoduo.” (TLN: Dude’s name is literally much money XD)

Ye Xuan said coldly as a coldness flashed through his eyes when he saw this young man.

Qian Duoduo was the director of the HR department in the Qian Group and was also Qian Xingchen’s cousin. It could be said that he was a famous figure in Xing Hai.

“Tsk, Tsk… I didn’t expect young master Ye to recognize me even after being asleep for three years. Why do young master Ye come here? To inspect the Ye group work?”

Qian Duoduo sarcastically said as he grinned and revealed two rows of jagged teeth.

In fact, he already knew that Ye Xuan was kicked out of his family and had nothing.

Just as Qian Duoduo finished his sentence, a strong and bitter voice resounded.

“Inspection work? Director Qian, you’re praising him too much! He’s just a trash that had been kicked out of the family. How is it possible for him to inspect my Ye Group?”

Following a women’s voice chime out, a slightly obese figure came out from the crowd.

She was dressed in a big and red qipao with her face covered with thick pink powder. She looked at Ye Xuan with extreme hatred and resentment. She was none other than the evil woman was taught a lesson by Ye Xuan, Ye Xiaoli.

Ye Xiaoli was also the director of the HR department at Ye Group and held a considerate amount of power.

When Qian Duoduo and Ye Xiaoli appeared, their presence attracted many onlookers as they were quite famous in Xing Hai after all, and the people were all pointing their fingers at Ye Xuan while talking about him.

Those actions no doubt made Ye Xuan’s face become particularly unsightly. 

“What? The famous Young master Ye Xuan was kicked out of the family? When did this happen? How could I not know?”

Qian Duoduo asked with shocked voice and pretended to be surprised when he heard what Ye Xiaoli said.

“Haha… This trash wasn’t only kicked out from the family, even his name was also taken out from me Ye family register. Now, he’s just a hobo with nothing.”

“Who do you think he is to be able to come here and inspect my Ye Group’s work? There’s eighty percent chance that this trash came to find a job.”

Ye Xiaoli said harshly as she looked at Ye Xuan with eyes full of undisguised mockery.

The crowd broke into an uproar as they heard Ye Xiaoli and Qian Duoduo harmonious conversation.

“What? This wasn’t only kicked out from the Ye family but also taken out of the family register? My god, this news is really too explosive.”

“Tsk, you are really ignorant. This news has been going around Xing Hai for a longtime. It’s just that buzz has gone down and nobody is talking about it anymore.”

“Now that Ye Xiaoli has brought it up again, it’s clear that she’s trying to make Ye Xuan look bad.”

“Sigh…Although young master Ye Xuan never worked and was unreliable, but ending like this is really too miserable for him.”

A female secretary and a beauty in a blue dress frowned as they listened to the people around them.

“You’re saying that Ye Xuan came here to find a job?” Qian Duoduo said with false astonishment.

“Of course, this trash was in a car accident and became a vegetative patient for three years. It wasn’t easy for him to wake up, and I heard a doctor said that this guy brain had a problem and had mental illness. This kind of person still wants to come out and find a job, who would dare to take him?” Ye Xiaoli said grumpily.

“I… I dare to take him! My company was just looking for watchdog, with a salary of eight hundred dollars per month with meals and accommodation included. I don’t know if young master Ye is interested?” Qian Duoduo asked provokingly with a mocking face.

“Wow! Eight hundred dollars with meals and accommodation included? Ye Xuan, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you quickly thank director Qian for giving you such a high paying job?” Ye Xiaoli said sarcastically while looking down on Ye Xuan with her hand crossed.

Ye Xuan expression was ice cold and glanced coldly at Ye Xiaoli as well as Qian duoduo without saying anything.

It was meaningless to argue with them.

These two would never see the sun tomorrow if they were put into the Western Shura World.

“Haha… what it is? Maybe young master Ye is not interested because the salary is too low, how about I increase it by two hundred dollars?”

Ye Xuan didn’t want to argue with ants like Qian Duoduo and Ye Xiaoli, but they would get more aggressive if he didn’t put them in their place.

“You see, Ye Xuan, since you’re a mentally ill person, Director Qian offering a thousand dollars salary to hire you as watchdog is already a sky high price. Why don’t you quickly agree and thank Director Qian?”

Ye Xiaoli continued to said derisively, “Ye Xuan don’t look like at me with that expression, I only said it for your own good.”

“Mr. Ye, my Azure Corporation is willing to hire you as the general manager. You can decide on your annual salary as long you’re satisfied. Does it interest you?”

A particularly pleasant voice resounded just as Ye Xuan’s eyes flashed with a cold light and was about to speak out.

The sudden voice shocked everybody present. Under their shocked gaze, a mature beauty with a blue dress walked out elegantly from the crowd followed by a female secretary.

“To… To think it was actually her.”

“The beautiful CEO of the Azure Company, Lan Wanting!”

“Fuck, no way? How could the beautiful CEO of the Azure Company, Lan Wanting come to the unemployment office?”

“Who knows why she’s here!”

The people were muttering in amazement and shock when they saw the beauty with a blue dress walked out of the crowd.

As for Ye Xiaoli and Qian Duoduo, they were dumbfounded at the sight of blue dress beauty walking over.

In terms of status, Lan Wanting was ten streets away from them. They weren’t even qualify to carry her shoes.

“It’s them?”

Even Ye Xuan was slightly surprised.

Because this blue dress beauty was none other than the beauty he saved on his way to the unemployment office with her secretary, Sister Lan.

“Mr. Ye, you really made it easy for us to find you, I didn’t think that you would come here. Are you here to inspect the work of my Azure Company?”

Lan Wanting said with a pleasant smile as she walked up to Ye Xuan at an elegant pace and stretched out her smooth hand to him.

“I just came here for a stroll. Sorry to bother you, President Lan.”

Seeing this, Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he extended his hand to grasp Lan Wanting smooth hand tightly.

It was a scene that caused the people around to all look with envy as their heart was filled with shock.

The Beauty CEO of the Azure Company, Lan Wanting, actually took the initiative to shake hands with Ye Xuan!?

As for Ye Xiaoli and Qian Duoduo, they were so shocked that they stood still like a statue.

This Ye Xuan was not actually here to look for work but was instead here to inspect the Azure Company?

The Azure Company wanted to hire Ye Xuan as the general manager and they would even let him choose his annual salary?

Lan Wanting’s words had really a huge impact on them.

Thinking about how Ye Xuan was completely indifferent toward the provocation of Ye Xiaoli and Qian Duoduo, the surrounding people finally understood why Ye Xuan didn’t retaliate and instead looked at them with nothing but disdain.

Because if he was hired as the general manager by the Azure Company, his status will be ten streets away from Ye Xiaoli and Qian Duoduo. After all, the Azure Company was Xing Hai most famous company.

“Mr. Ye, this way please. I already booked a room for us, let us go over there to discuss!”

Lan Wanting said with a smile, and everybody could see how respectful she was towards Ye Xuan as she made invitational gesture.

Ye Xuan accepted the invitation and walked forward under the shocked and envious gaze of the surrounding people.

“Wait, president Lan!”

Ye Xiaoli and Qian Duoduo couldn’t help but yell out at the same time when they saw this.

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