Medical Martial God chapter 13

Chapter 13: Intellectual beauty.

Ye Xuan woke up early the next day at five o’clock in the morning.

He first did some warm up exercise in the garden down the neighborhood and did some special set of boxing before going to the wetland Park near the river to jog and exercise for two hours.

After all, the body he had reincarnated into was simply too weak. While it was easy and not a problem for him to face against Black Wolf or others like him, but it would be annoying if he ever encounter stronger enemies since it would be difficult for him to deal with them.

Therefore, Ye Xuan must step up his training regimen in order make this body stronger and regain ten percent of the strength he had in his peak within these three months. 

 At that time, he wouldn’t be afraid even if there were countless masters in the big city of Xing Hai.

Leng Qingcheng just finished her shower when Ye Xuan returned to the Wang Jiang River Building after finishing his morning workout and breakfast.

When Leng Qingcheng saw Ye Xuan returned, a gleam of surprise passed over her eyes. She didn’t expect that he would wake up so early in the morning.

But her cold and arrogant personality didn’t allow her to ask him anything.

“Qingcheng, today is the weekend and you woke up so early, did you have breakfast?  Here, I brought some breakfast for you.”

Ye Xuan didn’t mind Leng Qingcheng’s cold personality and said with a smile while showing the breakfast in his hand.

Today, Leng Qingcheng had curled her long hair and wore a white dress that hugged perfectly her sexy and slender figure, with a pair of blue high heels that completed perfectly her looks and temperament. Her perfume and looks could make people’s eyes lit up.

“No need, I have to go to a meeting. I’ll be leaving first.”

Leng Qingcheng said with her expressionless face before walking away with her big bag in hand.

“Remember to call me if you encounter any problem you can’t solve, I’ll be there in a flash!”

Ye Xuan said with a smile as he watched Leng Qingcheng enchanting back.

She didn’t reply and disappeared from Ye Xuan’s view.

Su Xiaomeng seemed to be still sleeping and hadn’t woken up yet. Ye Xuan, who was alone at the apartment, sat idly on the sofa watching TV.

Not long after, he heard the bedroom door next to his move. It was Su Xiaomeng who had just woke up.


Following the sound of the door opening, Su Xiaomeng, who looked particularly cute in her childish pajama, walked out sleepily. 

“Ye Xuan, I’m hungry. Is there any breakfast?”

She looked at Ye Xuan as she sleepily rubbed her eyes with her hands.

“The soy milk and deep-fried dough stick I brought are on the table.” Ye Xuan replied.

Su Xiaomeng made a “oh’ sound before she started to eat the bun.

She seemed to have thought of something while she ate and said, “Right, aren’t you going to work?”

“Going to work? Sorry, but I’m currently unemployed. Where would I go to work?”

Ye Xuan shook his head and said unconcerned. 

“Hey! As a grown man aren’t you embarrassed to say it so confidently?”  Su Xiaomeng complained.

“What’s there to be embarrassed about?” Ye Xuan acted like it was natural.

“If you don’t work or look for a job, then do you intend for my sister to support you for all your life?” She said in displeasure.

“Did you know the living conditions of sister Qingcheng had before compared to her lifestyle right now?”

“How was her lifestyle before?” Ye Xuan asked curiously.

“My sister used to be the most beautiful woman in the capital and she was the Leng family young miss, but after she married you? Her parents died inexplicably. She has been kicked out from the Leng family and transferred from the capital’s hospital to Xinghai hospital to become the vice-president of second rate hospital. She went from being a millionaire young miss to nothing. Even the place she lives right now is rented, and on top of that she had to pay for your medical expanse. So tell me what kind of life she has right now?”

The more Su Xiaomeng said, the angrier she got, “Do you know what all the famous families and young masters are saying behind her back? They said that she is cursed and married a piece of trash!”

“You tell me, why did you make my sister marry you all those years ago?”

Ye Xuan fell into deep thought when he heard her question.

Having lost some of his memories, he was also curious to what made Leng Qingcheng marry him, or what caused him to become a vegetative patient, and what caused their parents to die so mysteriously.

It seemed that he had to find Leng Qingcheng and have a good talk with her.

“Alright, stop scolding me already. Can’t I just go out and find a job?”

Ye Xuan felt a headache when he saw that Su Xiaomeng was still muttering. So he stood up and walked out of the apartment.

“That’s more like it.”

Su Xiaomeng nodded in satisfaction when she saw him.

After leaving, Ye Xuan went straight to the unemployment office.

“Help! Someone please!”

Ye Xuan hadn’t reached the unemployment office yet before he heard a panic stricken voice. He frowned his brows and looked for the source of the voice.

A woman in her thirties dressed in a professional secretary uniform that looked particularly robust was distressingly calling for help. Beside her, a mature and intellectual beauty with a long blue dress was lying on the ground with her hands pressed on her chest. Her face was deathly pale and contorted in pain, she looked like she was in extreme pain.

Even so, her mature body that could make people drool was still exuded an unconcealable charm.

This woman was a looker.

A lot of people were watching and talking but no one was willing to step forward and help her.

After all, anyone could see that this woman was dying!

Over the greatest beauty hangs the greatest ruin!

Seeing this, Ye Xuan’s face showed a hint of helplessness and sighed softly before he went up and asked them.

“Beauty, do you need help?

He couldn’t just stand idly and watch a beautiful woman dying on the street could he?

It would be such a waste if he did that.

Hearing what Ye Xuan said, the secretary acted like she had found lifeline and quickly said, “Sir, I beg of you to quickly take our young miss to the hospital. We will definitely reward you generously.”

She had already called an ambulance, but the traffic jam on the road prevented them to come. She was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan would.

“Going to the hospital? It’s just a heart failure caused by a congenital heart defect.  Is there a need to go the hospital?”

Ye Xuan says with a bland expression.

“How… How do you know president Lan’s illness?” The secretary let out an astonished voice with an expression full of disbelief when she heard what Ye Xuan said.

“I am the formidable Grand Medical Sage. I only need a glance to detect such a small problem. Don’t worry, let me check her.”

Ye Xuan knelt down next to the beauty and took her wrist into his hand to feel her pulse. The air around him gradually became more dignified. 

The beauty’s condition was particularly troubling. Her sudden heart failure was caused by a congenital heart disease and would die if she wasn’t treated in time.

“Doctor, how is she?” The female secretary anxiously said.

“Don’t worry. Although her heart failure cause by her congenital heart defect is quite troublesome, but it’s easy to keep her alive.” Ye Xuan lightly said.


He took out a nine inch needle from the strap of his watch as he was speaking.

“What…. What do you want to do?”

The secretary asked nervously as she saw the nine inch needles in Ye Xuan’s hand.

She was well aware that doctors mostly used one inch or two inches needles and that highly skilled doctors might use three inches needles but doctors that use nine inches needles like Ye Xuan was simply too rare.

“Nonsense! Of course it’s to save her! The heart of your family young miss is failing and once its stop beating, she will be done for!”

“Now you have two choices. One is to let me give her the acupuncture treatment. The other is to wait for ambulance to come, but I don’t think she’ll be able to last until the ambulance come.”

Ye Xuan calmly said.

The secretary fell into silence and thoughts after hearing what Ye Xuan said. She wouldn’t be able to bear the responsibility if something happened to the young miss.

“Sister… Sister Lan… let … let him try… I … I believe in him!”

As the secretary hesitated, the woman weakly said as she opened her eyes with difficulties.

“Alright! You can go ahead and treat her.”

The secretary lightly nodded.

Ye Xuan took a deep breath and used his hand to remove the beauty’s hands from her chest before he said with a calm voice, “Next I will pierce you with the needle. It might hurt a little, so prepare yourself.”


The beauty nodded her head difficulty.


Just as she nodded her head, Ye Xuan raised his hand above her chest and abruptly pierced the needle into her chest left side.

The needle utterly pierced her chest!

The nine inches long needles didn’t reach all the way into the beauty’s heart. A bit of the needle head could still be seen. But the scene still shocked the surrounding people. 

He was murdering her!

Ye Xuan completely ignored the comments and the opinion of the people around him and continued his treatment.

A trace of life force and energy flowed through the needle and into the beauty’s body.


The beauty let out a painful groan as a bit of blood came out from the corner of her mouth.

“What are you doing? You madman!?”

The secretary’s face changed drastically when she saw this.

As she was trying to stop Ye Xuan, she heard the beauty’s weak voice, “It’s… it’s okay, sister Lan… I… I feel much better.”

(TLN: before somebody gets confused, sister Lan is the secretary, they both have Lan in their name and it’s the same character too but one it’s the family name ex president Lan, the other is a given name, ex sister Lan.)

“Don’t waste your energy talking, but instead concentrate on the area where my needle pierced.” Ye Xuan said coldly.

Hearing what Ye Xuan said, the beauty concentrated on the delicate feeling and felt a warm energy flowing into her heart as its spread through her body. This process allowed her to recover some much needed strength.

When she slowly opened her hazy eyes, the beauty was greeted by the sight of Ye Xuan serious face working with needle. A light smile appeared on her face as she said, “Thank you, sir…”

“No need to thank me, just remember to pay for the treatment.”

Ye Xuan took back the needle and gently shook his head as he said, “The treatment is over. Your illness shouldn’t recur anytime soon.”

“I’ll leave first, I got something to do. Remember to give me the treatment fee the next time we meet!”

After saying that, Ye Xuan left and disappeared from the beautys’s and secretary’s sights.

“Sister Lan, I’m fine now. Let’s hurry up and go to unemployment office, there’ is still a lot of people waiting for me there.”

The beauty said as she stood up. Her complexion looked much better after Ye Xuan’s treatment.

“But president Lan, your current condition…”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine now.” The beauty smiled and reassured her as she shook her head.

Just as she said it, the ambulance finally arrived.

“President Lan, look, the ambulance are here. We’ll go to the hospital to check on you first before going to unemployment office.”

Sister Lan tried to persuade her when she saw the ambulance arrived.

In the end, the beauty couldn’t refuse and nodded in agreement. With sister Lan’s help, she got in the ambulance.

It would be hard to imagine how shocked they would look when they arrived in the hospital and learn the results of the check up.

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