Medical Martial God chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Gourmet food.

When Qian Xingchen excitedly drove his luxurious car back to his private villa, he was greeted by a scene that hardly made him pass out in shock.

His luxurious villa was in a mess. There was blood everywhere and a pile of broken glass piled up on the ground. The expensive furniture and electronic appliance were smashed and scattered everywhere. It could be described as a complete carnage, like a garbage disposal site.

The villa that cost him a million to refurbish had turned into garbage dump. The sight of it filled his mind with too many questions and overwhelmed him with anger.

Didn’t that bastard Black Wolf said that he had already kidnapped Leng Qingcheng and brought her into his villa?

But where was she?

And where was that damn bastard Black Wolf?

Why did his luxurious villa became such a tattered garbage dump.

Just what happened here?

Black Wolf, you damn bastard!

Without thinking, Qian Xingchen pulled out his phone and dialed Black Wolf’s phone numbers as an intense fury burned inside him.

Not long after, the call connected and before Black Wolf could say anything, Qian Xingchen shouted angrily into the phone, “Black Wolf, what the fuck did you do in my villa?! Where is Leng Qingcheng? Get the hell over here and explain it to me!”

“Qian Xingchen, fuck your mother! Who do you think you are to dare to talk to me like that?”

In a hospital room, Black Wolf was laying on a bed with bandages covering his body as he held his phone and heard Qian Xingchen’s angry yelling. From his mouth came a infuriated voice, “I’m telling you that if you don’t bring ten millions dollars of medical fee to the XX hospital today, then can have someone collect your corpse tomorrow, fuck!”

Black Wolf didn’t wait for him to respond and hang up.

If it wasn’t for that damn shithead Qian Xingchen, why would he kidnap Leng Qingcheng and offend that demonic Ye Xuan.

This guy completely forgot that he wanted to take revenge against Ye Xuan before, and angrily blamed his misfortune on Qian Xingchen.

Qian Xingchen looked dumbfounded at the phone where he got hang up on and threw his phone to the ground as his mind was filled with rage.

“This fucking shithead!” He cursed angrily and walked away.

Wang Jiang coast, in a warm and comfortable room.

Ye Xuan sat on the dining table and feasted on the meal he prepared while drinking an ice cold beer. This was especially enjoyable for him.

There were various dishes on the table and they all exuded an tantalizing smell. The delicious smell spread through the room and caused Su Xiaomeng and Leng Qingcheng, who were sitting on the sofa, to swallow their saliva harshly.

Not to mention how well to have a supper at late night, after seeing all the different and flavorful dishes that Ye Xuan had cooked, they could imagine how delicious it would be even if they hadn’t tasted it.

Not only did it have the steamed chicken slice made by Ye Xuan on the table, but it also had the marinated foie gras, the sautéed pork intestine, the sautéed green pepper with beef slice, some steaks, some Sichuan spicy fish and some other dishes that they couldn’t name. All in all, they had never seen something so delicious and luxurious.

It was like a luxurious meal from a star-rated restaurent, but these dishes tasted even better as they were better at evoking people’s appetite.


Su Xiaomeng’s stomach couldn’t but growl as she subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She could be described as being quite gluttonous.

As for Leng Qingcheng, she had an expressionless face as she tried her best to maintain her composure.

This bastard didn’t even bother to ask them to have a taste of it, so they naturally wouldn’t take the initiative to ask for it. After all, they didn’t bring Ye Xuan with them when they went outside for a meal. Especially since Su Xiaomeng didn’t want him to go with them.

“Ye… Ye Xuan, how did you get these dishes?”

The glutton Su Xiaomeng asked as she couldn’t hold it anymore.

“I cooked them myself of course. How else would I get them?” Ye Xuan said without raising his head as he put a piece of pork intestine in his mouth and let his tongue savor the blossoming taste.

“Cooked yourself? You’re telling me that all these dishes were made by you?”

Su Xiaomeng was amazed and shocked when she heard him.

“Of course!”

Ye Xuan nodded proudly.

“Hmph, you can also cook? Who are you trying to lie to? I’m tired, I’ll go sleep first!”

Leng Qingcheng gave a disdainful snort as she walked into her bedroom.

She didn’t believe that Ye Xuan could cook, and that he could cook so many varieties of meals that perfectly.

One had to know that even top chef might not be able to make these dishes.

On the other hand, Su Xiaomeng was looking hungrily at the dishes on the table and asked suspiciously, “Ye Xuan, did you really cook these dishes?”

“Believe or not.” Ye Xuan replied lightly as he put a slice of marinated foie gras in his mouth in front of Su Xiaomeng’s hungry eyes.

Su Xiaomeng was very angry over the fact that Ye Xuan kept deliberately not inviting her for a taste.

“Ye Xuan…”

She couldn’t help but call him again.

“What’s the matter?”

Ye Xuan asked as he was still focused on his meal and put a piece spicy boiled fish in his mouth.

“I’m hungry.” Su Xiaomeng stated with a wronged and pitiful look.

“You want to eat?” Ye Xuan asked as he drank a sip of beer.

Her small head nodded like a little chick pecking rice.

“You should have said it earlier if you wanted to eat, look…… I almost finished it.” Ye Xuan said softly as he pointed toward the table full of dishes.

Su Xiaomeng couldn’t hold it anymore and sat at the dinner table. She grabbed up a pair of chopstick and was about to pick up a vegetable when Ye Xuan stopped her. 


“What?” She asked in frustration.

“Of course it’s to pay me. This meal is worth nine hundred thousand dollars, but I will give you a discount on account of you being acquaintance and give it to you for ninety thousand.” Ye Xuan said calmly.

“I still have to pay, and it was ninety thousand?”

Su Xiaomeng nearly jumped up in shock with disbelief washed all over her face when she heard what he said.

“Your mother, you still wants to charge money for a simple meal, and it was ninety thousand dollars!?” She thought.

“Did you go fucking crazy for money?”

“You can give it or not. Outside, you wouldn’t be able to eat this kind of meal even if you gave a million dollars.” 

Ye Xuan said in displeasure as he snatched the chopstick from her hands.

He wasn’t only famous for being the Demon King of the Western Shura World and the Medical Sage of the medical, but he was also a famous cook in the gourmet world. His culinary skill was far superior and incomparable to others top chef in the world.

If it was in the open and his reputation of the Demon King was known, not to mention ninety thousand, they would even be willing to pay five millions dollars for his meal, and they would have to queue up for it too!

Don’t ask why, because he just that awesome!

After he finished speaking, Ye Xuan completely ignored Su Xiaomeng and continued to eat.

“Ye Xuan, you are a money-grubbing bastard!”

Su Xiaomeng angrily cursed him and stormed back to her bedroom.

Ye Xuan thought that the little brat went to sleep but didn’t expect that the little girl would come out with a cell phone in hands and said meekly, “Hey, I don’t have cash…. Can I transfer the money instead?”

That simple sentence made Ye Xuan interested. After all, he lacked money recently.

And this little girl was quite rich, a rich little woman.

“No problem!”

Ye Xuan readily agreed and took out his phone.

“Hey, isn’t your meal a bit too expansive?”

Su Xiaomeng asked as she was just about to transfer to money after scanning his phone.

“Are you kidding me? This is still considered expansive? Alright, I’ll give you preferential treatment and add a refund if not satisfied clause on top of it, ok?”

“Good! You’re the one who said it, refund if not satisfied.”

Su Xiaomeng smiled slyly and completed the transfer.

In her mind, she already decided to wait until she ate enough before telling Ye Xuan that it was bad and had him refund the money.

“Here, try it.”

Ye Xuan handed back the chopsticks to Su Xiaomeng.


She couldn’t hold it anymore. She picked a piece of spicy boiled fish with her chopsticks and put it in her mouth.

The spicy boiled fish had no bone and melted in her mouth. An endless softness and spiciness instantly exploded in her mouth, freezing her on the spot with her eyes wide open.

At this moment, she felt as if she was slowly enjoying the spiciness of the dish in the soft ocean and making her whole body to feel incredibly comfortable.

Then next she ate a slice of the sautéed pork intestine.


When she chewed the delicate texture of the pork intestine, then felt the distinct oily and fat flavor of the pork explode in her mouth, she couldn’t help but let out a moan from the unprecedented stimulation from the taste of the food. Her twin peaks rose up and down as her legs clamped together.

“Hmm! So! So! So delicious!”

She muttered subconsciously.

Su Xiaomeng couldn’t hold it anymore as she used her chopsticks to sweep away the table like a tornado.

Each of the dishes brought such a distinctive taste.

Each of the dishes brought an intense stimulation.

Each of the dishes brought an unrivaled joy.

Su Xiaomeng was completely immersed by the endless joy and couldn’t get out of it.

“Hmm… ah … delicious… ah… it’s really too delicious.”

Ye Xuan, at her side, was going crazy and felt helpless when he saw her blushing face filled with pleasure while hearing her soft and perverted moans that came out from her mouth.

“isn’t it just a meal?

do you have to exaggerate so much!

Aren’t you just trying to tempt people to commit a crime?” Ye Xuan thought.

Looking at Su Xiaomeng’s lovely face and the two mountains on her chest, Ye Xuan couldn’t keep calm anymore and couldn’t help but cough two times to attract her attention. “Cough, Cough… Comrade Su Xiaomeng, please be conscious of how you look when you eat.”

“Ima-… Look? What look?” 

Su Xiaomeng was dumbfounded by what Ye Xuan said.

“Cough, Cough…. That, the top buttons has come off your pajama.”

Ye Xuan said with a straight face as he looked at the white bottomless pit.


Su Xiaomeng screamed as she came back from her trance and covered her chest with her hands.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t seen anything. I didn’t even know that it was black.”

Ye Xuan comforted her and helplessly shrugged.

“Ye Xuan, you hooligan, asshole, pervert!”

Her angry roar resounded in the room.

“Hey! Who was the one not paying attention on how they looked while eating? And I’m the one who’s a hooligan? I was just kindly reminding you!”

“Ye Xuan, you are precisely an asshole! Your dishes are all horrible. Hurry up and refund me! “

“Sorry, but I recorded the sound made when you were eating. I wonder who was the one that kept saying it was ‘delicious, so delicious’…… Hey, do you want me to show it to you?”

“You… you… you’re shameless!”

Su Xiaomeng was angry but was at loss of words.

“Sorry, but there’s no such word as shameless in my dictionary. What is shameless anyway? Can I eat it?” Ye Xuan said with a light smile and laughed.

“Also, remember to wash the bowls and plates. This Lord never washed the dish when I cooked.” 

Ye Xuan stood up and lazily stretched his back before he walked to his toward bedroom.

“Of course, you can also choose to not wash the dishes, but you’ll never be able to eat this Lord’s cooking in the future.”

“You… You’re too much! I already paid and you still want me to wash the plates? Is there someone like you?”

Su Xiaomeng said furiously.

“Then do you want to eat it again next time?” Ye Xuan turned back and smiled.

“I want!”

Su Xiaomeng nodded unconsciously.

“Then it’s decided!”

Ye Xuan said with light smile and walked into his room.

She looked at the disappearing back of Ye Xuan and then back to the table full of finishes plates. Su Xiaomeng gritted her teeth before obediently started to clean the dishes.

However in her mind, her impression of Ye Xuan slowly changed.

This bastard could not only fight but even knew how to cook such delicious meals while showing his domineering side. Was he really as bad as the rumor said?

Unknowingly, Su Xiaomeng became a little more interested in Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan’s meals was very successful, at least it caught Su Xiaomeng stomach.

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