Medical Martial God chapter 11

Chapter 11: Domineering!

“Today, if any of you dares to touch her, I will slaughter his entire family!”

When they heard the ice cold voice echo through the air, the look of everybody in the hall couldn’t help but change. Then everyone suddenly felt a piercing chill surging deep in their heart, as if they all were in an ice cave, making their hair stands on end.


Under their frightful gaze, the villa’s door was smashed down with a loud bang. A young man with a handsome and cold face walked in with a big breasted loli in tow.

“Ye Xuan!”

Black Wolf called while gritting his teeth. Seeing him, his face changed.

All the face of the Evil Wolf Gang members in the room turned solemn, they all heard Black Wolf mention this person before.

But on Leng Qingcheng’s  ice-cold face, it was filled with shock and deeply hidden joy at the sight of their arrival, but it was obvious that she never thought that Su Xiaomeng would bring Ye Xuan here at this time.

“Sis, how are you? We’re here to save you.”

Su Xiaomeng said happily and her lovely cheeks showed that she was overjoyed at the sight of Leng Qingcheng tied to chair.

At the same time in her mind, she didn’t expect him this guy to actually find Leng Qingcheng so quick. So she felt a little bit more admiration and a little bit less disgust for him.

Earlier, she even scolded him of being heartless and not being a man. It seemed like she was wrong about him.

Su Xiaomeng had many thought flashing through her mind.

“Ye Xuan, I haven’t yet went to find you to settle the score but I didn’t thought that you would take the initiative and come knocking on my door. When the heaven gave you a way, you didn’t take it, hell has no gate, yet you barge in it.”

Black Wolf said venomously as he stared at Ye Xuan and clenched his fist so tight that bone cracking sound could be heard.

He gathered the twelve most powerful members of the Evil Wolf Gang and didn’t have the time yet to look for Ye Xuan and settle the score, but now this guy took the initiative to deliver himself to his doorstep. This made Black Wolf to feel joy and anger at the same time.

This guy offering himself to his doorstep was a pleasure and saved him the trouble to look for him. This gave him the chance to wash out his shame and take revenge against him for smashing his head.

He hated it when Ye Xuan shamed him this morning but right here he would make him lower his head to beg for forgiveness. 

“Black Wolf, you even dare to touch my, Ye Xuan’s, woman? It seems that the lesson I gave you this morning wasn’t enough!”

Ye Xuan said coldly as a cold gleam flashed in his eyes after hearing what Black Wolf said.

“Giving me a lesson? With only yourself? Don’t be so arrogant just because you know how to fight. The twelve people here are my best fighters! Each one of them is a veteran of hundred battles! Today, I will play you to death!”

Black Wolf spoke angrily as he looked at Ye Xuan with unconcealed hatred. 

“Play me to death? Just this bunch of trashes won’t be enough.”

Hearing him, Ye Xuan sneered sardonically.

“You will know it soon if they are enough or not. But, I want to thank you for bringing over such a big breasted Loli, you undoubtedly gifted us a great toy to play with! Later, I will give you a look on how I’m going to play with her and make her moan! Haha!”

Black Wolf’s eyes flickered with a fierce light as he laughed arrogantly.

“Ye Xuan, I’m giving you two options right now. Either you cripple one of your arm and get on your knees to beg for mercy before crawling under us. Or we chop you up and feed you to the dogs!”

This Black Wolf was really a cruel person.

Either Ye Xuan cripple his own arm and crawl under them, or they would chop him up and feed him to the dogs.

That was extremely cruel!

But Ye Xuan didn’t mind. His mouth slightly curved up and said indifferently. 

“Then let me also give you two choices. Either you kneel and beg for mercy, or sleep for eternity!”

“Haha… You sure are arrogant! I gave you a way out but you rather die, then today I will give it to you! What are you waiting for? Go and kill him for me!”

Black Wolf said angrily as killing intent surged in his eyes.

“Yes, sir!”

 As soon as Black Wolf gave his orders, the twelve experts of the Evil Wolf Gang in the hall yelled out like cheetahs looking for food and charged toward Ye Xuan.

Their loud and fierce voices scared Su Xiaomeng and made her legs turn to jelly while her face paled.

She had have never seen such a violence scene in her life. These guys were as fierce and cruel as hungry wolves.

“Can Ye Xuan win?”

Seeing the unmoving Ye Xuan, her mind was filled with worry for him.

She suddenly thought that Ye Xuan was too reckless for bringing her here. They should have called the police first. At least they would have back up.

But now, they were forced in a desperate situation with no way out.

At this moment, Su Xiaomeng’s mind was filled with regret.


It had to be said that these twelve guys were worthy of being called the best fighter of the Evil Wolf Gang. Their skills were not something that the average Evil Wolf Gang members could compare to.

The twelve of them attacked at the same time and left him with no way to retreat. Some of them jumped in the air and kicked toward Ye Xuan’s head, some were like Voldemort* and lowered their body to swept Ye Xuan’s lower body, some attacked Ye Xuan’s three path*, and others sneak attacked him from behind.

*(TLN: That Voldemort is a word play, 伏地魔 is Voldemort name in chinese and伏地 can also mean sticking on the floor/ lying on the floor. Three path mean high, mid and low or head, stomach and leg.)

Their strong momentum and powerful attack created a strong gust of wind in the hall.

“Ye Xuan be careful!”

Seeing this, Su Xiaomeng shouted in worry and couldn’t help but hold her smooth white hands tightly together owing to stress.

“My little cutie, don’t waste your energy shouting. That brat is done for! Keep your energy for later, when you start screaming under us!”

Black Wolf said sadistically as he smiled indifferently. His amused face was looking Su Xiaomeng with eyes filled with lust and viciousness. 


In the next moment, a dull sound of collision rang out.

The attacks of the twelve experts from the Evil Wolf Gang all landed on Ye Xuan’s thin body, however he was still standing on the spot.

“Ye Xuan!”

This scene caused Su Xiaomeng and Leng Qingcheng to simultaneously cry out in a panic as their pupils shrunk and their expression changed to one of panic.

Even Leng Qingcheng’s face changed drastically.

How could anyone be able to withstand such an attack?

“Haha! It’s useless even if you scream. That brat took so many powerful strikes that his internal organs are probably destroyed, I’m afraid he’s already dead.” Black Wolf said while laughing after seeing it. His face was filled with joy.

“Is that all you have? This Lord is really disappointed.”

Ye Xuan‘s cold and indifferent voice was heard just when Black Wolf finished speaking.

“It’s my turn now.”

As soon as Ye Xuan was done speaking, his waist straightened and his spine swung out like a dragon. His body trembled as a powerful force burst out from his body and spread in all directions.


The twelve experts of the Evil Wolf Gang who landed a powerful strike on him, all felt a powerful force rushing into their bodies and caused their faces to turn pale.

Then they all spew a mouthful of fresh blood out of their mouths as their body went out of control and flew away like a bunch of dead dogs. Smashing many piece of furniture on their way while dyeing the floor red with their blood, and lost their ability to fight back.

-Cough, Cough-

They tried to get up but they didn’t even have the strength lift one of their fingers.

As for Ye Xuan, he was unharmed. He stood there like an unsheathed sword in the battlefield, emitting an endless amount of sharp light and looked especially domineering.

“How… How is that possible?”

Black Wolf uttered in shock and horror when he saw what Ye Xuan did. His previous calm face changed drastically and was then filled with shock.

Su Xiaomeng’s mouth and eyes were wide open as waves of shock were surging through her mind. She stared at Ye Xuan, who was standing straight, in dumbfounded manner. 

Didn’t they say that Ye Xuan was a prodigal son?

But how did he become so strong?

He had such a domineering aura.

So cool.

So manly?

The present Ye Xuan was just simply too handsome!

Su Xiaomeng’s mind at this moment was filled with shock and doubt.

Even Leng Qingcheng stared at Ye Xuan’s slender back with bewilderment, and took a long while for her to regain her spirit.

The power that Ye Xuan showed and the aura he was exuding had completely disrupted her knowledge of him. He was like a completely different person compared to the impression she had of him.

What happened to this guy’s body?

“Nothing is impossible!”

Ye Xuan said with no expression visible on his face.

“Black Wolf, tell me your choice!”

“Choice? Ye Xuan, you think we are done? I admit that you’re very good at fighting! However, have you ever heard of this phrase?” Black Wolf asked with awe-inspiring voice as he forcefully suppressed the shock in his mind.

“Oh, what kind of phrase?” A corner of Ye Xuan’s mouth curved up a bit and trace of interest could be seen on his face.

“No matter how good you are at martial arts, you still fear the kitchen knife!” Black Wolf said coldly.

“Do you have a kitchen knife?” Ye Xuan was still calm and collected.

“I don’t have a kitchen knife, but I have this!”

Black Wolf in an awe-inspiring manner, pulled a Desert Eagle from his waist and pointed it at Ye Xuan.

“Brat, you’re screwed.”

With a Desert Eagle in his hand, the world was his!

At this moment, Black Wolf was sure that victory was already in his grasp.

“Ye Xuan…”

Leng Qingcheng and Su Xiaomeng faces turned pale after seeing this situation.

This guy actually had a gun.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing. It’s just a broken Desert Eagle.”

Ye Xuan lightly smiled without care as he looked at Leng Qingcheng and Su Xiaomeng pale faces. 

“A single broken Desert Eagle can still take your life! You’re still acting tough even in front of death? I think you won’t shed tears until you have seen the coffin! If that’s the case, then just go die for me, you little bastard!”

Black Wolf roared angrily and pulled the trigger as he was extremely furious after seeing Ye Xuan’s indifferent face. 


However at this moment, Ye Xuan made his move. Ye Xuan flicked his hand and a peculiar knife flew out of his sleeve without any warning.


And the next moment, Black Wolf miserable scream that sounded like a pig being butchered resounded in the hall.

The peculiar knife that flew out from Ye Xuan’s sleeve accurately pierced Black Wolf armed hand, causing his hand to bleed profusely as the Desert Eagle fell onto the ground.


Just as Black Wolf was bending to pick up the gun, but Ye Xuan had already arrived in front of him and stepped on the Desert Eagle before crushing it into powder with a frightening amount of strength. This display caused Black Wolf’s body to tremble in fear as he straightened up.

He raised his head with much difficulty and what appeared in front of him was Ye Xuan’s impassive and cold face.

“I have given you two choices. Either you kneel down and beg for mercy or sleep for eternity! Now tell me your choice!”

Ye Xuan said ruthlessly as he stared down at Black Wolf with an expressionless face.

At this moment, Black Wolf saw an illusion. Ye Xuan was like a demon that ruled over the world, he couldn’t resist him anymore after seeing this.


“Young master Ye, I was wrong, I really was wrong! I won’t dare to offend you anymore. It was Qian Xingchen who asked me to kidnap Miss Leng…”

Black Wolf could no longer help but kneel down and keep begging for mercy.

“You have to pay the price for your mistakes.”

Ye Xuan said coldly as his face was still expressionless. 

Black Wolf trembled when he heard him. He knew clearly what was price he had to pay to Ye Xuan.

He clenched his teeth and picked up the army knife before he cut off one of his hand.


A blood-curdling scream sounded as Black Wolf chopped off one of his hand as fresh blood splattered everywhere, staining the ground red.

He was truly afraid of Ye Xuan.

“Black Wolf, if you provoke me again, I will take your life.”

“Also, destroy this villa for me.”

Ye Xuan said impassively as his peculiar blade flew into his hand.

If you looked closely, you would notice that there was a silver thread connecting the handle of the knife to his sleeve, allowing the knife to come and go.

“Let’s go home!”

Right after he finished speaking, he cut off the rope that bound Leng Qingcheng before turning around and walked out of the hall.

As for the person behind the kidnapping, Qian Xingchen, Ye Xuan didn’t plan to make a move right then.

Looking at Ye Xuan departing back, the two women looked at each other before quickly following after him.

In their mind, Ye Xuan became even more mysterious.

Especially Su Xiaomeng, who still considered Ye Xuan as a trash and was deeply discontented with him but he brought her so much shocks and surprises.

TLN: Who would have thought that the MC ended up killing absolutely nobody, when I read this I was sure Black Wolf was dead.

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