Medical Martial God chapter 8

TLN: This chapter and the next are pretty short.

Chapter 8: Trampling!

Ye Xuan wasn’t aware of what happened in the antique shot after he left.

Presently, he just returned to the hospital to pay for the discharge and with that done he had only 800 dollars on him, which made him poor again.

In the past, money was just a number to him. He never knew the importance of it until this moment.

He went from a million to eight hundred.

“It’s seems that I’m back to where I started.”

Looking at the 800 dollars inside his pocket, Ye Xuan gave a light smile and lamented while thinking of the first time he made money.

“Heh, isn’t this the Ye family young master? You woke up?”

He was about to leave the hospital but a mocking voice rose near to him.

A slender body stood in his path and it was also where the voice came from. 

He looked about 23 or 24, with long hair and a sneer on his handsome face. He wore branded clothes and had held flower bouquet in his hands. He looked at Ye Xuan with contempt and amusement, like he was superior to him.

His name – Qian Xingchen – the director of the Qian Group and a core member of the Qian family, one of the four biggest families in Xinghai. He was Ye Xuan’s former rival and nemesis as well as Leng Qingcheng’s suitor.

Standing behind Qian Xingchen was a cool looking guard.

Ye Xuan swept a cold look at them and then turned away, refusing to talk to these ants.

“Hey, young master Ye, did you turn so stupid while you were in the hospital that you can’t even talk anymore?”

But Qian Xingchen didn’t let Ye Xuan go and blocked his path again while making fun at him. 

“Fuck off!”

Ye Xuan said coldly.

“Want me to fuck off? Ye Xuan, look at yourself before you start talking to me like this. Do you think you are still the young master of the Ye family?”

Qian Xingchen thought that Ye Xuan might had not realized that he had been kicked out from the Ye family and nothing left over, he looked at him pitifully.

“Even if now I don’t have any relation with Ye family, you’re still only Qian Xingchen, and I, Ye Xuan, doesn’t give a shit about you.” Ye Xuan said frostily with a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

“Wow, such an arrogant tone, who gave you the guts? Or it is because you turned into an idiot?”

Qian Xingchen scoffed and didn’t think much about what Ye Xuan said.

Ye Xuan ignored him and turned around to leave, not wanting to argue with an ant.

“You want to leave? Alright, I’ll let you leave if you do it by crawling between my legs.”

Qian Xingchen said coldly with a hint of provocation as he blocked Ye Xuan’s path again.

He might have feared Ye Xuan before but now, he was nothing but a dog to his eyes.

“This is your last chance, fuck off.”

Ye Xuan said dispassionately as he eyes twinkled with annoyance.

“Haha… my last chance to fuck off?”

“Such a confident talk, but I should be the one giving you a last chance. Today, as long you crawl through this young master’s legs, then I will not only let you go but also give a million dollars. Tsk, a million dollars for a trash like you will be enough to last you a lifetime.”

“If you don’t listen then, I won’t mind relieving you of your third leg and turn you into a eunuch!”

“Oh no… I think I will rather turn you into a woman!”

Qian Xingchen sneered loudly.

In the past, the amount of time he was bullied by Ye Xuan wasn’t small.


However, before Qian Xingchen could finish his words, Ye Xuan slapped him, leaving him in disbelief.

“Fuck… you… you piece of shit act…. Actually dared to hit me!?”

This unexpected strike dumbfounded him, he never thought that Ye Xuan would dare to hit him and he only came back to his sense after a while. The feeling of pain on his face made him feel a surge of anger rose inside him and he yelled out angrily to his bodyguard. “Ah Wen, go cut off this bastard’s dick and feed it to the dogs!!!”

“Yes, young master Qian!”

As soon as Qian Xingchen orders were heard, the bodyguard rushed straight toward Ye Xuan.

Killing intent rose in Ye Xuan’s eyes and as he was about to make his move, the cold voice of Leng Qingcheng was heard.

“Stop!” As the voice was heard, a gorgeous figure walked out of the hospital hall.

“Qingcheng, you’re leaving work so early?” Qian Xingchen asked with a smile.

Seeing the gorgeous figure that appeared, the anger and pain on Qian Xingchen’s face disappeared, replaced by a graceful smile as he ran to Leng Qingcheng with his flower bouquet in his hand.

Leng Qingcheng looked at him and said coldly, “Qian Xingchen, what are you doing here?”

“Qingcheng, there was a new western restaurant that opened recently and it seems they are fairly popular, so I booked a table and want to take you to try it out! Oh, those are your favorite violets, a gift for you!”

Qian Xingchen acted like a gentlemen and offered the flowers to Leng Qingcheng with a handsome smile that made it hard for people to refuse.

Seeing this, the corner of Ye Xuan’s mouth curved up and his handsome face was full of amusement. He realized that Qian Xingchen came to the hospital in hope to seduce Leng Qingcheng.

But who was Leng Qingcheng?

She was his wife, which made Ye Xuan laugh, finding it funny.

This guy was hitting on his wife in front of him? 

Not waiting for Leng Qingcheng to speak up, Ye Xuan said, “I’m sorry but I’m afraid that she doesn’t have the time tonight.”

“Ye Xuan, you’re nothing! I don’t want to be interrupted by you trash when I’m speaking with Qingcheng!”

Qian Xingchen yelled as Ye Xuan sudden interruption made him angry.

“Xiao Wen, what are you doing? Get rid of him!”

As soon as Qian Xingchen words were heard, his bodyguard punched as fast as lighting in direction of Ye Xuan’s face.



But as the bodyguard’s fist was about to touch him, Ye Xuan dodged it and kicked at the bodyguard’s knee with his right leg.

As the sound of collision and broken bone rang, the aggressive bodyguard fell like dog eating shit. His front teeth cracked as his mouth came into intimate contact with the hard floor.

(TLN: that dog eating shit part, meant an humiliating and insulting way to say he fell on the ground. basically.)

“How… how this is possible?”

Qian Xingchen stood shocked after witnessing that shocking display.

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