Medical Martial God chapter 7

Chapter 7: Goddess of the night.

Getting out of the Evil Wolf Gang office, Ye Xuan took a taxi and went straight to a mysterious antique shop in a commercial center.

He needed to buy some essential items, such as a phone, a watch, a weapon and so on…

The store’s location was a bit secretive and was in a rather secluded alleyway in the commercial center. The store wasn’t for the ordinary people as everything sold there were illegal. Ye Xuan wouldn’t be able to find it if he didn’t have his previous memories.

Entering the store, Ye Xuan’s gaze was filled with all sorts of famous paintings and antiques.

A pretty manager with a nice face and a ponytail, wearing a black shirt and pants, sat at the reception and played boringly with her phone.

“Hello, sir. May I ask what do you need to buy?”

The pretty manager greeted Ye Xuan with a trademark smile when she saw him come in.

“Everything I want is on this list!”

Ye Xuan took out a pre-written note from his pocket and put it on desk in front of her.

“S-Sir, did you mistook our shop? We’re antique shop. We don’t have any of those stuffs.”

The pretty manager glanced at the note and shook her head with a smile.

Ye Xuan smiled mysteriously and picked up a pen to write a line of poetry on the note.

Looking at Ye Xuan’s the line of poetry, the pretty manager’s pupil shrunk and her face changed, feeling great shock in her heart.

She saw this line of poetry during her training at the headquarter, which suggested that the young man in front of her is a VIP guest.

She pressed a button on the desk and a dark path emerged from the moving walls.

“Dear guest, this way please!”

She bowed to Ye Xuan while speaking respectfully and made and inviting gesture.

Ye Xuan nodded lightly at her and walked into the dark corridor. After a few steps forward, he was greeted by a blinding light.

What emerged in his sight was an exquisite exhibition hall filled with all sorts of unique equipments and weapons such as guns, knives or swords.

Ye Xuan carefully inspected them before buying.

Before going to the black market, Ye Xuan had 1.2 million dollars, and now he had less than thirty thousand with him. The way he spent money was like pouring it down a drain.

Of course it was normal for Ye Xuan, who used to be an extraordinary figure,  only used high end goods such as the unremarkable watch he is wearing, which was worth three hundred thousand dollars.

It was a military holographic projection watch, which not only had the functions of satellite communication, holographic projection, scanning and etc. But it was also tailored for Ye Xuan at his request. The center of each watch band was hidden with a silver needle, something that Ye Xuan used for assassinations.

Another example was the mobile phone he bought that could also use holographic projection function, satellite communication, and so on.

The most expansive, of course, was the five hundred thousand dollars’ worth of weapons that Ye Xuan bought.

Such as the knife made of nano-vibrating gold with a dragon shaped form on the knife and a dragon head on the handle. It also had a special nano gun inside, which was particularly powerful, making this weapon excel in killing!

Although many people saw the cost of buying these weapons as enormous, it wasn’t worth mentioning for Ye Xuan, who was able to pay for it only after he lowered many demands, even though at his peak he spent tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars in just one piece of equipment.

And not to mention the fact that the equipment he bought today could boost his fighting capacity, allowing him to deal with unexpected situation.

The money he had on him was far from enough if Ye Xuan wanted to customize the weapon as he wanted. At his peak, the watch he wore wouldn’t be possible to buy with money as it had too many functions.

When Ye Xuan left the antique shop, the pretty manager stared dumbfounded at Ye Xuan’s two lines of poetry, filled with undisguised shock.

After a moment of reflection, she took a picture of it with her phone before sending it to the headquarter. The more she thought about it, the more mysterious she felt about Ye Xuan, because he had never come to the shop before and he didn’t show her a membership card when he bought things in the shop.

The two line of poetry he wrote were, “All the women in the world isn’t worth a tuft of hair of this person.”

The handwriting of the poem was exactly the same as the two framed poems on a plaque in the lobby of their headquarters.

Ying country(影国), Royal Group, conference room. (TLN: 影/Ying character used here can be translated to Shadow, but it also sound oddly similar to the characters for England, which is 英国/yingguo.)

An important high level meeting was held.

Perhaps it was because of some disagreement, the top leaders on both side of the table were engaged in a fierce discussion and argument.

A beautiful woman with silkily silver hair was sitting on her throne with a phone in hand, playing a game boringly and completely ignoring the discussion around her.

Not only did she have a beautiful face and a perfect figure but she also had supreme rights and status. She was also the CEO of Ying country’s Royal Group, Cindy Elena.

She was also the founder of the Night Temple and was known as the Goddess of the Night.

The black market was one of the branches run by the Night Temple.

-Ding!- (Phone notification sound.)

Amidst their intense discussion, the notification sound of a tablet was heard, leaving everybody on the room stunned and silent. They all looked at each other and around the room to find the source of that sound.

They all wanted to see who dared to play with their phone in a meeting like this.

When they found the source of the sound, they were confused because it came from Cindy Elena, the group’s CEO.

What she saw from her phone was the picture of Ye Xuan’s line of poetry.

“How… How is it possible?”

Elena said in disbelief and stood up abruptly after seeing the handwriting.

She felt very familiar with the handwriting on the picture. The poem was given to her by a supreme being in the past.


In the next moment, she immediately left the room with her phone, leaving everybody else confused.

It was the first time they saw the calm CEO, so flustered.

When she got out of the meeting room, Elena went straight to her personal office and dialed a five digit number before speaking with an emotional voice, “Eddie, what’s going on with the pictures you sent me?”

“Dear Queen, the pictures came from the Xinghai branch in Huaxia where the store’s manager – Ye Qianwei –  said that a mysterious guest came in the store to buy weapons and because he never came before, she didn’t serve him normally, so he took out a pen and wrote the line.”

“After we compared the the line of the poem, whether in style or in handwriting, they are exactly like the one in our headquarter’s lobby!”

Eddie said respectfully.

When she heard what Eddie said, Elena was shocked to the core, because she knew that the two poems was given to her by the famous Demon King from the Western Shura World.

Three years ago, that Demon King was betrayed and fell under the attack of the four Kings.

Now, the exact same words and poems emerged. How can Elena not be shocked?

Maybe the great Demon King didn’t die?

Elena had too many thought swirling around her mind.

She quickly said, “Pass down my order. Keep this information from spreading out and tell the Xinghai branch manager Ye Qianwei to keep a good relationship with the guest and not try to investigate his identity. Tell her that the Ying country Royal Group will invest in Xinghai and she will be in charge of the project!”

“Yes, ma’am!” 

A respectful voice was heard across the phone.

Elena gently hummed and hung up.

She pulled out another phone and dialed a unique phone number and spoke seriously.

“Mina, I need you to go to Xinghai in person…”

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