Medical Martial God chapter 6

Chapter 6: Evil Wolf Gang.

The next morning, Ye Xuan woke up when the morning sunlight passed through the windows and fell on him.

Perhaps his rebirth had caused this body to evolve, because enormous energy had been recovered within one night, far from comparable to ordinary people.

After eating breakfast, Ye Xuan called a taxi and headed straight to the Evil Wolf Gang to collect the debt.

The Evil Wolf Gang, one of the four most famous gangs in Xing Hai, and Black Wolf, who owed Ye Xuan a million dollars, was the leader of the Evil Wolf Gang.

It was already 10:30 a.m. when Ye Xuan arrived at the Evil Wolf Gang.

After he conveyed his intention, the beautiful receptionist asked Ye Xuan to sit on the lobby’s couch and said, “Mr. Ye, wait a minute.”

As the beautiful receptionist finished speaking, she took the elevator to the office upstairs.

In the luxurious office upstairs, Ye Xiaokang, whose face was swollen and covered in bandages, was talking to a man smoking in his chair with his feet dangling around.

This man who looked like in his thirties with a mean face and short beard, a black wolf tattooed on his arm and a particularly flashy beaded necklace made of gold around his neck. He appeared to be quite powerful.

Several of his burly bodyguards stood quietly behind him like a stick of javelin, giving him the air of a big boss.

He was the person that Ye Xuan was looking for, Black Wolf.

“Brother Black Wolf, I know you used to have a good relationship with Ye Xuan, but I need to have my revenge! No matter how much money it costs, Ye Xuan’s life is mine!” Ye Xiaokang said hatefully.

After he had done complaining, Ye Xiaokang handed respectfully a golden card to Black Wolf.

Although Ye Jianxin had already ordered the big companies to block Ye Xuan, Ye Xiaokang didn’t feel at ease. So he came here early in the morning.

“Haha… Brother Ye, You must have misunderstood something. I have nothing to do with that trash. Don’t worry, I’ll take his life for you.”

Seeing the golden card from Ye Xiaokang, Black Wolf smiled widely.

-Knock, Knock, Knock.-

Yet just as the knock on the door rang, a female secretary walked in and spoke respectfully, “Boss, there’s a man downstairs called Ye Xuan who said he’s your friend and wants to see you.”

“Haha, what a good deal! I didn’t think that he would come to my door before I even start looking for him!”

Ye Xiaokang was dumbfounded when he heard it and was about to speak but Black Wolf patted his shoulder and said, “Don’t worry brother Ye, just watch the show and see how I’m going to mess him up.”

“Go bring him to me.”

Soon, Ye Xuan was led to the office by the female secretary.

He looked at Ye Xiaokang who was sitting on a sofa protected by the Evil Wolf Gang members, and Black Wolf who was still smoking in his chair. Ye Xuan’s handsome face didn’t have any fluctuation.

Needless to say, Ye Xuan knew the purpose of Ye Xiaokang to come here and find Black Wolf.

“You are looking for me?”

Black Wolf put his feet on the desk in front of him, inhaling and exhaling smoke, he looked down at Ye Xuan with contempt. 

“I’m looking for you to pay back the one millions dollars you owe me.”

Ye Xuan replied coldly with an emotionless face.

“One million? Did you go crazy when you were at the hospital? When did I owe you money?”

When he heard what Ye Xuan said, Black Wolf became angry and said coldly, “You came to extort money from me? You got balls.”

“Brother Black Wolf, don’t waste words with him, just tell your men to kill him!”

Ye Xiaokang couldn’t help but speak up with resentment after seeing Ye Xuan’s calm face.

During the conversation, Ye Xiaokang pulled out another bank card from his pocket and handed it to Black Wolf.

‘This guy has money’ he thought. 

“Kill me? Ye Xiaokang, do you think that they can kill me?”

Hearing him, Ye Xuan sneered.

When Black Wolf heard Ye Xuan words, his face turned funny and he looked at Ye Xuan like he was an idiot.

“Haha… this trash really did become crazy! You dare to say that that we can’t?”

“I’m laughing my ass off! What are you waiting for? Go chop him up and feed him to dogs so he knows if we can or not!”

-Bang!- ( TLN: a rushing sound I guess.)

As soon Black Wolf gave his order, the seven members of Evil Wolf Gang in the room rushed at Ye Xuan with their fists ready to strike him.


The seven members of the Evil Wolf Gang were by no means comparable to the security guards. They were quick and aggressive, aiming at the vital points on Ye Xuan’s body, at one glance he could tell they were professional.

Ye Xuan’s eyes shone with coldness, his legs gathered strength before he jumped.

When the members of the Evil Wolf Gang attacked, he jumped more than two meters high like he was an eagle spreading his wings and avoided their attacks. While he was in the air, he leaned sideways and shifted his body weight before he rotated with force and swept them with his right leg.

Those movements were done in a flash without slowing down once.

-Boom! Boom! Boom!- (TLN: falling body sound.)

In the next moment, the seven members of the Evil Wolf Gang all flew away like a cannonball, damaging the nearby seats and smashed into the surrounding walls.

As for Ye Xuan, he landed steadily on the ground and looked as if he didn’t do anything he just did.

The master’s style was outstanding!

“This… brother Black Wolf, this guy suddenly knew how to fight, we… we shouldn’t have any problem, right?”

Seeing this, Ye Xiaokang carefully said as he hid behind Black Wolf and swallowed his saliva fearfully.

“Rest assured brother Ye, the bodyguards behind me are retired special force soldiers. It will be easy for him to deal with Ye Xuan.” Black Wolf said leisurely as he smoked his cigar.


As Black Wolf pronounced the word, the two bodyguards behind him roared furiously, like tigers jumping out of their cages, and went straight towards Ye Xuan.

Their charge left two after image in midair, which calmed Ye Xiaokang’s heart who was in panic.



However, soon after, a heavy sound of collision was heard.

Under their shocked and amazed face, Ye Xuan suddenly appeared like a lightning bolt in front of the two bodyguards who launched an attack on him. Their bodies abruptly stiffened when his hand smashed on their chest and then they flew back faster than they rushed at him, smashing the bookcase behind them into debris and lost their ability to fight.

This sudden scene gave Ye Xiaokang and Black Wolf a fright and froze them on the spot.

-ShaShaShaSha- (TLN: Not sure if it is the sound of body trembling or teeth clacking.)

Ye Xuan emotionlessly walked toward Black Wolf. Without even glancing at them, Ye Xuan reached out and grabbed the cigar on the table, he wanted to smoke.


Taking advantage of the gap in Ye Xuan’s movements, Black Wolf’s eyes sudden flashed a hint of coldness and yelled out an insult before he stabbed toward Ye Xuan with a dagger that came out of nowhere. After all, he was a wolf.



But as soon Black Wolf moved, Ye Xuan moved even faster. He grabbed the ashtray and slammed it on his head.

The sound of a broken ashtray and bone cracking were heard at the same time. The Black Wolf’s body twitched sharply with his blood flowing down from his head and cheek.

The move he made was just to test Black Wolf!

Ye Xiaokang, who was standing next to him, saw the bloody scene, a flood of yellow liquids couldn’t help but come out of his lower body.

Ye Xiaokang was so scared that he peed on himself.


As blood spilled out of Black Wolf’s mouth, he slowly regained his spirit and looked at Ye Xuan with unconcealed horror.

Ye Xuan put the cigar in his mouth and Black Wolf lighted it with his shaking hands.

‘This guy is funny!’ He thought.

Ye Xuan took whiff of the cigar and puffed out the thick smoke on Black Wolf’s face. He said with an undisputable voice, “Pay back my money!”

 Ye Xuan in this moment was like the king of the world that commanded the earth and heaven, Black Wolf couldn’t afford to resist him.

Black Wolf never imagined that Ye Xuan, who woke up from the vegetative state, would be so strong and unyielding. Ye Xuan was like another person and completely different from when he knew him, causing endless waves of shock in Black Wolf’s heart.


Black Wolf swallowed fearfully before handing the golden card with a black bag he took from his safe to Ye Xuan and said respectfully to him, “Ye… young master Ye, there’s one million dollars in this card. The code is six times eight, and there’s also two hundred thousand dollars in this bad… Those are the interest for the years.”


Ye Xuan took the bank card into his pocket and nodded in satisfaction.

Then, he turned his eyes toward Ye Xiaokang.

“Xuan… brother Xuan, I was wrong! I was wrong and shouldn’t had offended you! Please, I beg you! Spare me, I promise that I will never go against you, never again!”

Ye Xiaokang shuddered in fright under Ye Xuan’s gaze and knelt down in tears.

But Ye Xuan was impassive and said coldly to him, “Ye Xiaokang, since it wasn’t the third time but the second time you went against me, I’ll let you keep your dog of a life. Black Wolf, go chop of one his fingers for me!”

He was known in the Western Shura World as a Demon King, cutting only one of Ye Xiaokang fingers was considered as a mercy, after all this was the Xia State, he would be already dead if he was in the Western Shura World. 

(TLN: The Xia State was a state that existed in ancient china but I think he wanted to write Huaxia, which is an another name for china but then the author tend to put alternative name for other country or even create new name.)


Hearing what Ye Xuan said, Black Wolf was stunned and hesitated. He didn’t expect him to be so vicious.

Ye Xiaokang was a member of the Ye family, if he hurts him then he would become the Ye family’s enemy. 

What a tricky plot of sowing dissension.


Feeling Ye Xuan’s cold gaze on him, Black Wolf gritted his teeth, picked up his dagger and chopped down on Ye Xiaokang hand, severing one of his fingers.


Ye Xiaokang screamed like a pig getting slaughtered as his blood flowed everywhere.

Ye Xuan didn’t even give him a glance, he took the bag and walked out of the office.

Wherever he goes, nobody could stop him.

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