Medical Martial God chapter 5

Chapter 5: Conspiracy 

The nights in Xing Hai was lonely for Ye Xuan.

He sat alone in a food stall on the side of a road and ordered some small dishes along with a few bottles of beer to drink by himself.

He heard what happened during the three years he was in a vegetative state from Ye Xiaokang mouth.

His parents along with Leng Qingcheng parents died in an accident over the past three years. He was disinherited from the Ye family and kicked out of the family, they even took off his name from the family register.

Leng Qingcheng was treated the same way in the Leng family, she was known as the ‘cursed’ and was expelled from the Leng family. 

Thanks to her outstanding abilities, she got a great job and bought a nice house that why she didn’t end up living on the street.

But in order to pay off the debt Ye Xuan owed and the continued medical care for the last three years, Leng Qingcheng not only had to put her own salary in, but also had to sell her house to pay the debts. For the moment, she rented an apartment while living frugally. 

No matter how much Leng Qingcheng hated Ye Xuan, Ye Xuan was her husband in name after all. So she did her duty as his wife, she shouldered Ye Xuan’s debts and maintained his medical treatment.

It could be said that she had affection and faith.

That woman was up to Ye Xuan taste.

“This woman…”

Thinking about what Ye Xiaokang had said and Leng Qingcheng’s attitude towards him when he woke up, a helpless smile appeared on Ye Xuan’s face as he drank all the beer in his cup.

He initially didn’t want to have any connection to Leng Qingcheng and wanted to go on his own way, but judging from that woman silent sacrifice, Ye Xuan definitely owed her a great favor.

If she didn’t do her best to maintain Ye Xuan’s treatment, this body would have already perished and Ye Xuan wouldn’t be able to reincarnate.

In any case, Ye Xuan owed his life to her.

And Ye Xuan’s intuition told him that there were some sinister secrets behind the strange death of his parents and Leng Qingcheng’s parents.

Furthermore, that wolf tattooed killer seemed to want something from Leng Qingcheng.

If so then Leng Qingcheng would be in danger.

Ye Xuan had no intention get involved in all of this but he owed his life to Leng Qingcheng.

As the Grand Demon, he always distinguished clearly between kindness and hatred, and he also always repaid them in kind.

Moreover, the moment he woke up and killed the wolf demon, he was drawn into the spiral of a conspiracy and could not stay aloof from the affair.

“Forget it, let’s just take this as helping her and repaying her for the favor. Besides, they are still this body’s parents and resolving this matter will count as an explanation for this body owner.”

Whatever trick they came up with, Ye Xuan got it.

He would need to prepare himself if he wanted to take his revenge on the Western Shura World, but he would begin in this tiny Xing Hai city.

After he eaten and drunk his fill, he looked at the remaining money in his pocket, then Ye Xuan found and stayed at a nearby hotel.

Now, he was homeless and had nothing. The few money he had come from the bastard Ye Xiaokang.

He was facing a huge problem at this moment. Not only he didn’t have money, but he also didn’t have a job!

Lying on the bed and carefully digesting the vast amount of information in his mind, Ye Xuan wondered how to make money.

“Found it!”

Soon, Ye Xuan’s eyes were shining and a big smile appeared on his face.

He remembered that the Evil Wolf Gang leader, Black Wolf, owed him a million dollars and if he could get it back, it would be enough for him to buy the necessary things for a while.

As if something crossed his mind, Ye Xuan mumbled some words. “I wonder how those guys are doing after three years.” 

As Ye Xuan whispered, he sat up and picked up the landline on the bedside table to dial a unique phone number.

All these numbers were mysterious and unique, their owners were all important people, and they were Ye Xuan’s brothers and friends, but ultimately he couldn’t reach any of their phones, leaving Ye Xuan worrying for them.

Nothing bad should have happened to those guys, right?

But thinking about it, Ye Xuan shook his head lightly. Those guys were all pretty powerful and very few people could hurt them. Nothing bad should have happened.

“Why am I worrying for those guys? I should worry more about myself, I need to improve my power as fast as possible and form my own force to take revenge on the Western Shura World.”

As a few idea flashed  in his mind, he lied down on his bed and fell asleep.

Ye Family mansion study room.

A middle aged man in his forties gracefully stood in front of his desk, holding a brush and moved his hand like a snake to draw beautiful couplets, a very strong aura and dignity spread out from his body, signaling his extraordinary nature.

He was the actual leader of the Ye Family and also its patriarch, Ye Jianxin.

Standing next to Ye Jianxin was a young man and a young woman who looked particularly miserable. Upon closer look, they resembled a pig’s head!

If Ye Xuan was here, he would be able to recognize them because they were Ye Xiaokang and Ye Xiaoli, the brother and sister that Ye Xuan had beaten up.

“Patriarch! You have to revenge for us.”

It was not until Ye Jianxin finished writing and put the brush down that Ye Xiaoli began crying and pleaded indignantly.

“Yes, patriarch you definitely have to get revenge for us.”

Ye Xiaokang also pleaded with grief.

“What happened? How did you both end up like this?”

Ye Jianxin, with a frown, asked them in confusion after seeing their pitiful states.

“Patriarch, you don’t know but that wastrel Ye Xuan woke up and called you a dog at the entrance of the Ye Family compound. We brother and sister were just angry at him but we didn’t expect that he would attack and beat us like this. Even the security guards couldn’t do anything to him.”

Ye Xiaoli complained and covered her crying face.

“What? That damn animal woke up and not only insulted me but beat the both of you like this?

When he heard what Ye Xiaoli said, Ye Jianxin’s face was filled with anger.

“Yes! That cunning fox called you a dog and said that you plotted to murde his parents in order to usurp the patriarch position, which should have been his.” Ye Xiaokang said hurriedly.

“That damn little beast is angering me to death!”

Ye Jianxin clenched his hand and punched the desk.

“He also said that, today he was kicked out of Ye family but one day he will make the Ye family regret it, and he even want our Ye family to kneel to his feet!”

Ye Xiaoli and Ye Xiaokang looked at each other and continued to speak.

“This son of a bitch! Pass down my orders! If any company dares to hire him, they will become my Ye Group enemies! I want him to be unable to find a place or a job in the whole universe and starve to death!”

Ye Jianxin said with a chilling tone.

“Yes, sir!”

Ye Xiaoli and Ye Xiaokang nodded.

“Go on!”

Ye Jianxin waved his hand impatiently.

Ye Xiaoli and Ye Xiaokang looked at each other and retreated!

After Ye Xiaoli and Ye Xiaokang left, Ye Jianxin mused for a moment before pulling out an old-fashioned phone and dialed a particularly strange number.

Shortly after, a cold and charming voice was heard from the phone, “Why the sudden call?”

“Your disciple should have left the mountain around this time right? Let her kill someone for me,  consider it as a training for her.”

Ye Jianxin said coldly, his eyes flashed a hint of coldness.

“Kill who?”

“Ye Xuan!”

“Wasn’t he already in a vegetative state?”

“But he woke up!”

“Okay, I got it.”

When he hung the phone, Ye Jianxin grabbed a brush and wrote “dead” on the white paper.

Killing aura oozing out and surrounding him.

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