Medical Martial God chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Unexpected Incident.

In a clean and tidy senior ward.

Leng Qingcheng sat on Ye Xuan’s bedside while looking at him, who was lying on the bed in a coma. Her beautiful eyes full of complexities.

This was the first time that she looked at him with such a care. His face was as exquisite as a sculpture, clean cut introverted with thick and straight eyebrows. Although he was still in a coma and a bit pale, he was still somewhat handsome. His heroic aura looked like an illusion to Leng Qingchen. Yet today, Ye Xuan looked like another person.

Because of his aura, Ye Xuan who was in a comatose state seemed to be like two different people.

Yesterday, Ye Xuan saved her and protected her dignity, it would be difficult for Leng Qingcheng to forget about his deed.

Especially when he said, “You dare to touch my woman?!” during that distressing situation had left her a deep impression. Such an act had warmed her heart up toward this rascal.

Before that, she had nothing to do with Ye Xuan. Their marriage was just a lie, she had no feelings for him.

However, she would never imagine Ye Xuan, who was in a vegetative state, would actually awaken during such a dangerous situation and rescue her while shouting those words.

As the dean, she not only possessed an extraordinary identity and beauty, but she also possessed super-high medical skills and profound medical knowledge in the medical field. She knew well that Ye Xuan was in a vegetative state, but what he had done went beyond her medical knowledge. It was a miracle.

A vegetative patient that just woke up after three years wouldn’t be able to kill someone, much less kill the famous cold blooded killer wolf.

She vaguely remembered the horrified expression on the special police officers’ face when they broke into the ward as well as the shocked and surprised in the commander’s voice when he talked to her.

“Is this guy really as bad as the rumors said?”

Leng Qingcheng couldn’t help but ask herself as she looked at Ye Xuan.

“Bad… who are you calling bad?”

Just as Leng Qingcheng said her last word, a dissatisfied voice was heard. Ye Xuan, who was in coma, slowly woke up.

Looking at all the things attached to him, Ye Xuan frowned. He sat up before pulling off all the instruments connected to him.

His body recovered plenty of power after a nap.

His left hand that was injured by the wolf tattooed thug also gradually healed.

It seemed that being reborn in this body gave him some unique strength along with healing ability.

“What are you doing? Lie down for me, you just woke up and your body is still weak!”

Leng Qingcheng quickly shouted angrily after seeing him move.

“I am weak? Pretty girl, my body is not weak at all. If you don’t believe me, we can have three hundred rounds in the bed.”

Ye Xuan’s mouth slightly curved in a smile.


Leng Qingcheng replied angrily.

“I’m a pervert? Please, pretty lady you are the one who is the pervert alright? Who was the one sitting here and peeking at me when I was clearly asleep?” Ye Xuan asked her and yawned while stretching lazily.

Questioned by Ye Xuan, Leng Qingcheng blushed and was unable to answer him.

After all, she was indeed the one sitting there and watched him.

Seemingly realizing something, her expression changed and asked him coldly, “You keep calling me pretty girl, don’t you recognize me?”

“Who are you?” Ye Xuan asked impatiently.

“I am Leng Qingcheng!”

At this moment, Leng Qingcheng finally realized what was going on.

She suspected that Ye Xuan had lost his memory, which was a common phenomenon.

“Who is Leng Qingcheng?” Ye Xuan asked with a confused face, pretending not to know.

“She’s your wife!” Leng Qingcheng said with a cold look.

“What are you talking about?” Ye Xuan asked, his face still showing confusion while looking at Leng Qingcheng with baffled eyes.

“I said that I’m Leng Qingcheng, your wife!” Leng Qingcheng’s cold face blushed, which made her even more attractive, and stayed still.

“Are you really my wife?” Ye Xuan was still acting clueless.

“Really!” Leng Qingcheng didn’t want to nod her head but did it in the end.

“How can you prove it?” Ye Xuan stared at Leng Qingcheng’s sexy body, he seemed to be full of doubts.

“How do you want me to prove it?”

At this moment in Leng Qingcheng’s mind, she was almost sure that Ye Xuan lost most of his memory in the car accident.

“Since you keep saying that you are my wife, let’s sleep together.” Ye Xuan grinned, revealing his white teeth.

“No.” Leng Qingcheng didn’t think that Ye Xuan would make such a request and refused flatly.

“Then you are not my wife! After all, what kind of wife doesn’t let her husband sleep with her?”

Ye Xuan waved his hand, showing his impatience. “Come on, pretty lady… I’m just a poor man, I have no money on me, go cheat someone else, don’t come here to try to trick me, I really don’t know who you are.” 

“I…I… I’m really your wife!”

The aloof and detached Leng Qingcheng had never encountered a situation like this before. She even got labeled as a scammer by Ye Xuan. She was angry and furious inside her but she knew that Ye Xuan lost his memory yet she couldn’t help but grinded her teeth.

“If you are really my wife, you can at least give me a hug and a kiss, right?” Ye Xuan gave a sly look and smiled while pointing at his cheek.

Although he lost part of this body owner’s memory when he reincarnated in this body, he still had some memories of Leng Qingcheng, especially after the incident with the wolf tattooed thug.

Hearing him, Leng Qingcheng fell into silence.

To be honest, she and Yu Xuan hadn’t even held hands before, much less hugging and kissing.

For the time being, Leng Qingcheng felt complicated and her heart was beating like crazy.

As a doctor she knew how important it was to build trust with a patient who had lost his memory to retrieve his memory.

His impression on her would be hard to change once she was considered by Ye Xuan to be a liar.

Then, Leng Qingchend made a decision in her mind.

“You can’t even do such a simple request and you still claim to be my wife. Get out, you scammer!”

Ye Xuan said sourly and impatiently.


Just as Ye Xuan finished his words, Leng Qingcheng took the initiative, reaching out her arms and held him close to her. Her soft breast pressed against his chest, and both of them trembled a little, like an electric shock.

In order to avenge her parents and in order to find out what happened, what was a kiss and a hug compared to that?

She, Leng Qingcheng, was going all out!

The sudden hug from Leng Qingcheng brought Ye Xuan and her body closer. Ye Xuan could clearly feel the softness of the two goods being squeezed against his chest and bringing an unprecedented soft touch. Her scent flowing into his nose and made him feel intoxicated. 

“Now, I… I’m starting to believe you might be my wife.”

“Come wife, let’s kiss!”

Ye Xuan said innocently and at the same time looked down at Leng Qingcheng’s delicate cheeks. He calmed his lustful thought and stretched out his palm to grab her slender waist without hesitation.

Leng Qingcheng’s body trembled when she was touched by Ye Xuan, it made her feel very uncomfortable, like ants were crawling up her body. After all, her body had never been touched by a man before.

She hoped that he really had lost his memory because she wanted to push him away, but it would hurt him if she did, so she could only bear with it.

She lifted her head and stared at Ye Xuan’s arrogant face, steeling herself and then her mouth slowly approached his.

Ye Xuan felt extremely excited when he looked at her smooth cheeks and sexy lips closing on him and had the urge to press Leng Qingcheng under him but he held himself back. He closed his eyes and waited quietly for the kiss.

However he didn’t notice that he had been betrayed by his sneaky smile on his face that he unknowingly showed. 

“Bastard, you dare to trick me?”

Seeing Ye Xuan smile, which gave an overwhelming sensation that he was scheming, Leng Qingcheng felt furious and her face turned cold. Using all of her strength, she pushed him away, her right knee was making its way toward Ye Xuan’s crotch.


Thankfully, Ye Xuan reacted quickly right before her knee hit him. He used his hand to block Leng Qingcheng’s knee before a smile appeared on his face. “Qingcheng, I was joking, just a joke…”

“On other hand, this leg is really good, smooth like a jade.”


Leng Qingcheng’s face looked so cold that ice might start to form. She lifted up her hand and made its way toward Ye Xuan.

“Oh… this arm is good, silkily soft and smooth.”

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he grabbed Leng Qingcheng delicate hand and admired its appearance. “And I have to correct you, acting roguish toward one’s own wife isn’t called a rogue but called a-”

“It’s called wretched! Let me go right now!”

Leng Qingcheng interrupted him before Ye Xuan could finish his sentence.

Feeling the cold eyes of Ling Qingcheng on him, Ye Xuan shrugged before releasing her hand. Then he said seriously, “In fact, I didn’t mean to lie to you, because I’ve really lost part of my memory due to the accident.”


Leng Qingcheng looked coldly at Ye Xuan who showed a serious expression on his face.

“Hmm.” Ye Xuan lightly nodded.


*Knock, knock, knock*

Leng Qingcheng was about to speak but the frantic knocking from the door interrupted her. So Leng Qingcheng quickly tidied her clothes and distanced herself from Ye Xuan.

Soon a female nurse rushed over, “Vice-president Leng, it’s not good! Professor Lei’s heartbeat suddenly stopped when he was on duty, a sudden cardiac arrest!”

“What? Hurry up and take me to him.”

Leng Qingcheng’s expression couldn’t help but change after hearing the female nurse’s word. She quickly left the ward under the guidance of the female nurse.

“This woman… whatever, I have nothing to do anyways, let’s follow them and see what’s going on.”

Looking at the back of Leng Qingcheng, Ye Xuan yawned and lazily stretched before slowly following them.

When Leng Qingcheng and Ye Xuan arrived on the scene, Professor Lei was already lying on the bed with a very pale complexion. He was connected to various equipment and many experts were trying to rescues him but there was no result.

“Vice-president Leng…”

As Leng Qingcheng arrived, the many experts spoke anxiously as if they have found their hope.

“How is Professor Lei?” Asked Leng Qingcheng.

Professor Lei is 72 years old. He was Xing Hai hospital foremost expert in the department of orthopedics. He was also the direction of the orthopedics department. He had already retired but was hired back by the hospital leaders as a mentor.

Professor Lei’s sudden heart attack on duty was unexpected and nobody could bear such a responsibility.

“Vice-president Leng, we tried our best to rescue him but his heart showed no sign of recovery and had stopped completely. He wasn’t breathing and his vitals are falling quickly.”

Director Yuan, who was the highest-ranking cardiovascular expert on the scene, said with a pained face after hearing Leng Qingcheng’s question.

“Professor Lei have perfomed three surgeries today, we advised him to rest, but after he heard that the patient condition couldn’t wait… so he exhausted himself.”

“You already said that Professor Lei isn’t young anymore, so why did he try so hard for?”

The other expert dropped their head in shame.

Hearing their words, Leng Qingcheng couldn’t help but look at the monitor data gloomily.

“Vice-president Leng, Professor Lei died after we tried to rescue him. What should we do now? Should we tell the family to send him to the morgue?”

Director Yuan looked at Leng Qingcheng and said anxiously.

He was always been hostile to Leng Qingcheng. After all, he was up for a promotion to become the vice-president but stayed as a director because the promotion went to Leng Qingcheng.

In front of this mess, Director Yuan naturally didn’t want to deal with it. So he called Leng Qingcheng to let her decide.

If this affair is mishandled by Leng Qingcheng, all the responsibility would fall on her and at that time…

Standing amongst the crowd, Ye Xuan looked at them with a sneer and snorted disdainfully before he said with a soft voice: “Hmf, a bunch of quack doctors, making a big fuss over a trifle, he just have a shock cause by a little cold wind but you people already declared that you can’t save him, and if you guys keep going like that then he might just really die. Get out the way. Let this Lord check him.”

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