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  • I Know Everything chapter 268

    24 November 2020 by

    Chapter 268: Tragedy! “Ding Dong!” “The weak chicken host once again advocated social justice and won the praise of the system so the system will reward the host with a small reward in order for the host to not be too arrogant.” “The system rewards the host with Professional Chef ability and hope the host… Read more

  • I Know Everything Chapter 489

    25 July 2021 by

    Chapter 489: No need to expect anything from him. As Hu Dong was talking about basketball, far away in the US, changes were happening in the NBA. The strongest teams in the past few years were obviously the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Of course, there were good teams such as the Raptors,… Read more

  • I Know Everything Chapter 488

    25 July 2021 by

    Chapter 488: Unable to be happy when seeing you! When training with the gyms’ equipment, it must be done in sets since it was the best way to maximize the exercise without harming the body. He happened to see Hu Dong after finished his second set of training. Hu Dong was the head coach of… Read more

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